Angie Spencer - Private Dancer Tour – Perth – 24 Dec. 1985

Hi to all you Tina Turner fans out there,
My name is Angie and I have this chance to share my Tina Concert experience with you.
Omg, just imagine what it was like to know that you were going to see the biggest star of that era.
It was the 24th of December 1985, Christmas eve in our capital city of Perth W.A., Australia.
It was her "Private Dancer Tour". Legend or What.
We arrived at the Perth Entertainment Centre 1 and 1/2hrs before the show was to start and there was literally hundreds of people waiting for the doors to open.
We were anxiously waiting for that moment to get in. Finally we got in and were directed on where to go.
Settled in ready for the show to begin.
The lights went dim and the lone man on stage hits a huge golden gong. The music starts and the song is "Show some respect".
Out comes Tina in a 3/4 length white pantsuit. BEAUTIFUL. Omg an amazing song to start with.
She looked awesome..
She asked the crowd if we were ready for her and the arena erupted.
I even found myself shouting.
She followed up with one of my faves "I might have been Queen".
Then "River deep mountain high".

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Angie Spencer - Private Dancer Tour – Perth – 24 Dec. 1985

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Tina Turner

Tina Turner

Tina Turner