Tina Turner – “Proud Mary” Action Movie and Exhibition

Hi everybody,
Do you like action movies?
Well in a little while you can enjoy watching an action movie with “Proud Mary” from Tina Turner in it.
In fact the action movie is called “Proud Mary“!
Here is the trailer for the movie:

And here is some more info:
Taraji P. Henson gets dressed to kill in the first trailer for Proud Mary, director Babak Najafi’s action movie with the Empire Golden Globe winner playing a hitwoman working for an organized crime family in Boston.
Set to the tune of — what else? — “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner (her solo version, sans Ike), the trailer has Henson suiting up in leather and heels, with a visit to a secret weapons closet that could make James Bond envious — all for what seems to be an action-packed and bullet-flying day of work.
Per the film’s logline, Mary’s life “is completely turned around when she meets a young boy whose path she crosses when a professional hit goes bad.”
The cast for the Sony Pictures Entertainment film also includes Billy Brown, Jahi Di’Allo Winston and Danny Glover. Najafi directs from a screenplay by John Stuart Newman & Christian Swegal and Steven Antin, based on a story by Newman & Swegal. Producers are Paul Schiff and Tai Duncan.
“Proud Mary” hits theaters at the 12th of Jan. 2018.

The trailer looks great, right?
More info about the song “Proud Mary” is here.

And if you are interested in exhibitions, the Bob Gruen exhibition with a photo from Tina Turner is at the Liss Gallery at Pendulum Gallery, 885 W. Georgia, Vancouver, Canada from the 24th of July till the 25th of Aug. 2017.
Bob Gruen about Tina Turner:
“The first time I saw Tina Turner I remember the experience. She was amazing,” Gruen says about a 1970 show. “They (Ike and Tina) were opening for Sam and Dave. She danced off the stage with a strobe light flashing and I spent the rest of the night kind of looking at the curtain where she disappeared behind it. I think Sam and Dave came on and did an act, but I was just mesmerized by Tina.”

Tina Turner by Bob Gruen

And an interview with Bob Gruen here.
And another interview with Bob Gruen:

Tina Turner – Exhibitions, Dance and Videos

Hi everybody,
Let’s start with some new photos of Tina Turner.


Tina Turner and Dancer Giulia Pauselli

Tina Turner and Dancer Giulia Pauselli

Doesn’t she look great! 😀
This was taken in Italy at the 15th of 2017. The first one is Tina Turner next to dancer/ choreographer Deborah Esposito.
The other one is Tina with the Austrian singer Victoria Swarovski, the third is by Filippo La Mantia, the cook and the 4th is Tina with the Dancer Giulia Pauselli.
Will Deborah and Gulia be dancers in the musical?

Furthermore I love art and everything that has to do with it.
In Louisvile, Kentucky, the 21c Museum has an exhibition where art meets popartists.
Among the pieces is one from Tina Turner. It is from her album “Ouuta Season” from 1968.
Here is the photo:

Tina Turner - Outta Season

“Untitled” by Bruno Peinado, a recreation of Ike and Tina’s 1968 album cover. Photo by Sara Havens.

There is an article about the exhibition and here is part of it:

Pop Stars! Popular Culture and Contemporary Art” continues at 21c through March of 2018. The exhibit is free and open to the public. 21c is located at 710 W. Main St., Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Cultural icons have always dominated the canvases of art. After all, a painter usually chooses a subject he knows well, wants to honor or is fascinated with — whether that’s Jesus Christ or Britney Spears.

Times have certainly changed since saints and saviors were the heroes of the day, and now, our culture places much of its worship — for better or worse — on celebrities and sports figures. The latest 21c Museum Hotel exhibit focuses on this topic and explores the imagery of manufactured fantasy as it relates to the past and present.

You can read the entire article here.

Tina Turner - Outta Season -2

And you can listen to the albums “Hunter” and “Outta Season” here:

More photos of the exhibition:

"Lady Gaga: Mademoiselle Caroline Riviere" by Robert Wilson. Photo by Sara Havens.

“Lady Gaga: Mademoiselle Caroline Riviere” by Robert Wilson. Photo by Sara Havens.

"Elvis/Marilyn" by David Scheinmann. Photo by Sara Havens.

“Elvis/Marilyn” by David Scheinmann. Photo by Sara Havens.

There is also an exhibtion in the Frankfurter Fotografie-Forum in Germany.
Until the 27th of August you can see lots of great photos from artists.
Here is Tina Turner:

Tina Turner - 1971 - Copyright: Barbara Klemm

Tina Turner – 1971 – Copyright: Barbara Klemm


Something entirely different, but beautiful too, is the dancer BoYee Nataraja dancing on Tina Turner chanting “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”.
Here she is:

And to finish with Tina, here is the entire “On the Road” concert from 1979: