Tina Turner the Musical and Holiday Fun

Hi everybody,
This week we got some news about Tina the Musical.
7 Aug. 2017
The development of the musical is now in full swing, and as we head into the summer we have lots of exclusive updates to share with you.
Our Director Phyllida Lloyd recently met with Tina to discuss bringing the musical to stage – see the below exclusive image just for you! – and work on our official website is almost complete!

TT and Phyllida Lloyd - aug. 2017

Tina Turner and Director Phyllida Lloyd

If that wasn’t enough, we have an exclusive preview of our official TINA Musical artwork coming for you VERY soon. Sneak peek for you below!

TT artwork

Tina Turner the Musical – Artwork

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11 Aug. 2017
And here is the first Artwork of Tina the Musical. It looks great! 😀

Tina Turner the Musical - Artwork

Then for most people it is holidays. If you search for something relaxing to do, I created 7 puzzles, with a photo from Tina turner of course. You can find them here. Enjoy! 😀

Furthermore I try to do a live audio feed once a week on our Tina Turner Online FB page. I can’t say when the next one will be.
Somewhere next week, in the afternoon. (Dutch time). So visit our Tina Turner Online FB page often.
We already listened to a “Private Dancer” 25th Anniversary audio and a Live in Groningen 24/7 concert.
So stay tuned! 😀

And we conclude this post with The Tina Turner concert in Alberta – 1992. Enjoy!