Frank Ketelaar talks about the musical and Tina Turner

Hi everybody,
Recently Frank Ketelaar, one of the writers that wrote the script for the musical about Tina Turner’s life, talked with Marisa Heutink about meeting Tina Turner.
In the Dutch program “‘t Wordt nu laat” Frank Ketelaar told her, that they went to meet Tina Turner and stayed there for a couple of days.
They talked for hours.
He also remembers very clearly all the prizes that Tina Turner has in a special room, like 7 Grammys.
He was very impressed by that and took photos of it.
The story isn’t only about Tina Turner singing and dancing, but also about her comeback after her divorce and that she became much bigger after that.
Frank Ketelaar also tells Marisa that he got a Christmas card from Tina Turner.
And that what surprised him is, that she still has such an enormous energy for somebody of her age.
After hours of talking everybody was tired but Tina went on talking as if she wasn’t tired at all.

That is good to hear! 😀

Here is the Dutch interview:

New Acid Queen Song – Tommy

Hi everybody,
We all know the musical “Tommy” in which Tina Turner played the Acid Queen.

Tina Turner - Acid Queen Tina Turner - Tommy

 Tina Turner - Pressconference Tommy - 1975 Tina Turner - Acid Queen

Tina Turner - Tommy

The BBC just announced that Pete Townshend from the Who is writing a new song for this musical, Acid Queen 2.

Pete Townshend

“Guitarist Pete Townshend has written the “torch song” for a new touring production of his musical, which opens at the end of this month.
The show, based on The Who’s 1969 concept album, tells the story of a young boy who is so traumatised by his father’s murder that he chooses to stop communicating with the outside world.
This latest version, directed by Kerry Michael, features a reworked opening with Townsend’s new song Acid Queen 2 in the second act.
It will be performed by Peter Straker, who plays prostitute and drug dealer the Acid Queen.
“I’m quite elated about,” Straker told the BBC during a break in rehearsals. “To have a new song in it is a great honour – I hope I can do it well.”
Read more about it here.
It will be exciting to see what he is going to come up with. 😀

Acid Queen was also featured on Tina Turner’s “50th Anniversary Tour” in 2008 with added elements of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and was included on the DVD of the live album Tina Live.