Awakening Beyond

10 Nov. 2017
Today is the release of the new album from Beyond “Awakening Beyond”.
Here is a new video with Tina Turner in it:

Tina Turner

e are very happy that Tina Turner is part of our #beyondmusic. She is “simply the best”.

On the Beyond site you also can find the booklet.
Here are some pictures of it:

7 July 2017
The Beyond Team has its own Instagram account now.
You can find it here.
Some more news about the members of the Beyond Team.

Tina Turner

We are very happy that Tina Turner is part of our #beyondmusic. She is “simply the best”.

Tina Turner

Mor Kabasi

Mor Kabasi enriches the new album of #beyondmusic and embraces both the contemporary and ancient, by writing her own music, and creating interpretations of songs and melodies passed down through generations throughout the Sephardic Diaspora.

Ani Choying Drolma

Another inspiring power woman behind #beyondmusic: Ani Choying Drolma from Kathmandu in Nepal. Her spiritual meditative songs have been enjoyed by people all around the world since two decades.

Sawani Shende Sathaye

“Music is a source of eternal peace and joy which I always love to share with my listeners” – this inspiration of singer Sawani Shende Sathaye is also tangible in her parts of #beyondmusic.

Dima Orsho

With her powerful voice Dima Orsho brings the spiritual message of #beyondmusic to life. Her approach to music is culturally nuanced, forging together diverse influences – from classical, to jazz, to Middle Eastern music.

Regula Curti

Inspired by the power of music, Regula Curti founded #beyondmusic: “Music has surrounded me my entire life. Through music I found healing, and through music I found a higher consciousness. From music’s gift came the desire to help everyone see similarities before differences.”

Together they form the Beyond Team.
The album will be released on the 1st of Nov. 2017. We can’t wait!

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