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In Febr. 2011 the Beyond Facebook group announced a Beyond CD for Children. Tina Turner is also in this project.
This was the message:
“We are very, very happy to be in process of realizing the projekt “Beyond for Children” . The singing of our Beyond-Children shall reach as many children in the world as possible…these mantras may take the children beyond, beyond, beyond. Because children are the most precious symbol of the future and the hope. The CD “Beyond for Children” will be published in the second half 2011.”

Children Beyond

April 2011
“BEYOND for Children”
featuring REGULA CURTI, DECHEN SHAK-DAGSAY & TINA TURNER plus 24 children (aged between 6 and 12) singing mantras and prayers — to be released 7 Oct. 2011.

May 2011
Here is a teaser video for the Beyond 2 CD. It is lovely!

Aug. 2011

Tina Turner and Children Beyond

Cover Children Beyond

Sept. 2011

1. Calling 3.19
Invitation by Tina Turner
Children Beyond, Tina, Dechen, Regula
2. Om am hum 4.32
Mantra of Purification (Buddhist)
Children Beyond, Dechen, Regula
3. Allah hu 4.22
Prayer to free from Ego (Muslim)
Children Beyond, Ajla, Amina, Nejla
4. Kol ha olam kulo 4.38
Prayer of Trust & Courage (Jewish)
Children Beyond, Channah
5. Halleluja 3.55
Prayer of Joy and Glory (Christian)
Children Beyond, Alexandra, Max, Regula
6. Sa ta na ma 5.26
Mantra of Concentration & Intuition (Sikh)
Children Beyond, Dechen, Regula
7. Ganesha sharanam 4.59
Mantra to remove obstacles (Hindu)
Children Beyond, Dechen
8. Buddham saranam gacchami 4.25
Mantra of Refuge (Buddhist)
Children Beyond, Illian, Sonam, Norbu, Nyima, Dechen
9. Jai da da 4.36
Prayer of the Soul (Jewish)
Children Beyond, Tina, Dechen, Regula
10. Sallallah ala muhammad 4.39
Prayer of Praise (Muslim)
Children Beyond, Ajla, Amina, Nejla
11. Veni sancte spiritus 4.52
Prayer of Inspiration (Christian)
Children Beyond, Regula
12. Ra ma da sa 3.46
Mantra of Healing (Sikh)
Children Beyond, Alexandra, Regula
13. Sarvesham svastir bhavatu 4.57
Mantra of Peace (Hindu)
Children Beyond, Tina, Dechen, Regula
14. Unity 3.18
Prayer of Unity (all together)
Children Beyond, Tina, Dechen, Regula

Total running time: 62.09

Regula Curti Children Beyond Children Beyond

TT and Regula Children Beyond

Children Beyond Children Beyond Children Beyond

Children Beyond Children Beyond Children Beyond

Dechen Shak-Dagsaye Children Beyond Children Beyond

Children Beyond Children Beyond Children Beyond

Children Beyond Children Beyond

28 Sept. 2011
Here are some great press photos of the Beyond Team.

Tina Turner  Children Beyond Team Children Beyond Team  

Children Beyond Team Children Beyond Team

Pressconference – 28 Sept. 2011

30 Sept. 2011
Here is the transcript of Tina’s voice over in the Children Beyond movie. It will be out on dvd at some point, and hopefully also on television. For now, you can read Tina’s words.
“The world has a population of 6 billion people and more. People from all over, with a multitude of cultures and believes. We all work, build and create, eat, grow and strive for something better. We dream, consume and love. Are we so different?
Why is it that our religions are dividing and not uniting? This man-made world has inflamed so many wars, used as an excuse, to kill and cause injustice, so far removed from the cause of the problem. Surely this is not an act of love and certainly it’s not what God intended for us.
To try and understand the creator’s love for the world is beyond our comprehension. It’s like trying to understand the universe and making logic of the stars. It’s beyond trying to rationalize or making any sense of it but also not the point, I believe. All we need to know is the LOVE for us, every single one of us, it does not matter if you are Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh, Christian or Hindu. Big or small, old or young, weird or beautiful; love has no boundaries.

Our time on this planet is so short, and how would it be, if we were able to leave a mark, for future generations to consider and be proud. A legacy you might say. Planting and tending the seeds for our young, paying it forward. That’s the wonder of music. The sound warms our hearts and soothes the soul. Music is eternal.
Through the voices of children the process is so much simpler. Forgiving, no pretense, no complicated preconceived ideas about one another based on differing appearances or practices or different beliefs, for that matter.
Be aware of what prejudice does or rather what society forces upon us. We are really not different at all. Roam the world, and see how we all live and how needs are the same wherever you go. Our inner needs are made up of the same human desires, the most important is love and being loved. Who am I to put a label on another person just because I don’t behave in the exact same way? The universe is beyond our comprehension and with our limited wisdom we cannot judge another, for how do we know the other’s heart; for love simplifies the process, binds us all together, love takes care and helps us comprehend.
The Children Beyond is about doing something, with voices reaching out, uniting and forgiving, and who knows, maybe resolving man’s conflict. It’s worth it!”

Beyond Team

And a great documentary from Xaver Walser about Beyond:

All videos with the songs of Children Beyond can be found here.

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