Breaking News – Tina Turner Musical – Première in March 2018!

Hi everybody,
It looks like the new Tina Turner Musical will première in London in March 2018!
On the 16th of December 2016 there will be a workshop with all people involved to talk about how they are going to do it.
Joop van den Ende, the famous Dutch producer, was in the program “Buitenhof” from the Dutch TV Channel NPO1 to talk about it.
I can’t wait! London here we come! 😀
Here is the video:

Tina Turner Musical

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  1. Glenda O'Bryant

    Tina Turner and Diana Ross where and still my favorites. I wish they both did a tour to Colorado. I missed the last show of Diana Ross because my mom was ill. And Tina show I didn’t have money or a car. Now I do. This is a wish of mine I want to come true before I leave this earth. I’m not ill but we never no Gods will.

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