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My name is Johanna Ouwerling and I live in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
Somewhere in the ninetees I became a fan of Tina Turner. What a voice and what a personality! Love her!

Besides working with the computer and creating websites, I am very interested in all kind of spiritual things. I am an astrologer as well and am always interested in the development of mankind in this particularly important time for the Earth.

I am very connected with nature. I love animals and am happy to live in an environment with lots of trees and ponds.

With a lot of joy I created several websites: Tina Turner OnlineLibralions World and lots more. I love doing that!

I hope you enjoy my websites and love to hear from you!

You can write me in english. Vous pouvez m’écrire en français. Sie können mich in deutsch schreiben. Je kunt me in het nederlands schrijven.

If you have a question or want to share something with me, please fill in the form below.
Thanks.  Johanna


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Johanna Ouwerling
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The Netherlands
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