Flagg Grove School

Hi everybody, here is all the info about the Flagg Grove School, the school Tina went to, when she was young.
As you all probably know the school has been moved to a new location and is completely renovated.  
I start with the latest news and you can go on reading to the start of this enterprise.
I want to credit Sonia Outlaw-Clark, director of the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center, Elle Denneman, President of the Tina Turner Fanclub, Michael L. Anthamatten, Keith Alton Gambill, Tim Batross, Laurel Hudgens Herring and Billy King, the president of The Big Black Creek Historical Association for all their info and photos.

This is what Tina said about the Flagg Grove School in the Vogue of March 2013.

Lets go back to Nutbush one more time. They moved the Flagg Grove School, that you went to when you were a child, to the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center. Were you part of this project?
TT: In my song “Nutbush City Limits” I sing “Church house, gin house, schoolhouse, outhouse”.
But the school of which I sang was a school for white people. It wasn’t my school.
So when I got the message that they moved a school from Nutbush to the Center I thought: “Oh no they attach my name to a school for white people!”.
It is ok, but I don’t want to be involved! But later on I learned that Flagg Grove was moved, the school I mean, and that is the one that I went to.
The school and the land on which it stood belonged to my great grandfather Benjamin Flagg…
Now I am involved and that will become even stronger with time, since I know that is has all to do with my background, with my family. And I am very proud that I am the one of my family that can preserve this history.
At the website of the Heritage center they say that the Flagg Grove school is one of the few preserved afro-american schools. What kind of school was it and what kind of memories do you have of the school? Were you a good student?
TT: Just one room! And there were lessons for 3 groups, from one to 3.
The school was from 8 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon. I walked to school, because there were no busses.
I went with my sister and on the way we met other schoolmates who also lived in our village.
It was really nice. I wasn’t a very good student, but my schoolmates and my teacher liked me.
That did help me to succeed. My true talent was in another area, that helped me through my life, my talent for singing and dancing.


29 Sept. 2015
Interview with Rhonda Graam, Tina Turner’s personal assistant at the Tina Turner Heritage Days 2015.

19 March 2015
Hi everybody,
Tina Turner was honored with 9 Museum Awards!
Wednesday the 18th of March 2015 at the Tennessee Association of Museums Conference, the Discovery Park of America in Union City. the Tina Turner Museum received 9 awards.
Here is the press release:
The Tina Turner Museum at Flagg Grove School proved once again that it truly is Simply The Best addition to Tennessee Tourism winning nine awards at The Tennessee Association of Museums Conference.
In a ceremony at Discovery Park of America, West TN Delta Heritage Center Executive Director Sonia Outlaw-Clark and her team received a variety of awards; however, being acknowledged as an inaugural “Past President’s” Award capped the night’s acknowledgements.
“I was hoping that we would be honored with some TAM awards for the hard work that this community and the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center team conducted to not only restore, but also launch the new addition to the center,” says Sonia Outlaw-Clark.
“However, to be honored nine times was a dream come true, especially in the most prestigious category, ‘Past President’s’ Award. I am grateful for how the Tina Turner Museum has impacted the region and to have many of the team in attendance that night was a true blessing.”
The Tina Turner Museum at Flagg Grove School located on the grounds of the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center, received a total of nine awards at the Tennessee Association of Museums Conference on Wednesday, March 18th at the Discovery Park of America in Union City. The full list of awards is below:

Award of Excellence – Past President’s Award
Award of Excellence – Special Recognition Tina Turner
Award of Excellence – Permanent Exhibition Tina Turner Museum at Flagg Grove School
Award of Excellence – Special Event “Grand Opening of Tina Turner Museum at Flagg Grove School”
Award of Excellence – Volunteerism Sandra and Fred Silverstein
Award of Excellence – Special Recognition Ann and Pat Mann
Award of Excellence – Publication: Book/Catalog Life Perspectives 7 Award Winning West TN Artists
Award of Commendation – Superlative Achievement for Publications: PR Kit PLA Media-Tina Turner Museum at Flagg Grove School
Award of Commendation – Publications: Flat Paper The Art of Farming brochure


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  1. Astrid Klepsch

    *Last month I was in Tennessee and had my picture taken in front of Flagg Grove School.  I look forward to seeing the school completely renovated.  🙂

    • Astrid that is great! Maybe you can send me the picture? I can put it online if you want. 😀

  2. Rhoda Donovan

    I think it’s great to preserve the school house, though I don’t understand why it’s been moved. Furthermore, I firmly believe that we need to create a Tina Turner Museum and Library, with both public and private funds, in a place approved of by Ms. Tina Turner-Bach.

    Read More
    Funds could (ostensibly) be garnered from music, historical, cultural, human rights, legal, film , entertainment, and numerous other organizations who ought readily see that in Tina Turner the USA has had, and still has a National Treasure in Tina Turner; a living Legend, even while no longer technically a USA citizen. After all, she spent her career, up until this summer, as a USA citizen…And, as Amazing a Person, A Multi-Talented, Inspirational Human Being, and public figure, her heritage, her courage, her tenacity in the face of blatant and subtle complectionism, despite many a would be/ could be obstacle becoming an internationally/ World Wide Super Star, it seems to me that her grace, so freely given to people regardless of appearance, background, status, etc., her triumphs in a variety of ways belong to all humans (who are, in fact, by the way, parts of the same “race,”. THE HUMAN RACE. Still, Tennessee has the Privilege of knowing that land to have been her physical birth place. Having The Tina Turner Museum a and Library there makes sense to me, perhaps on the very ground where she went to elementary school, the final say being up to Tina. What do you think?
    Going at this from enough angles, it seems more than doable in her lifetime, rather like the museums/ libraries formed to honor USA Presidents. The one built to celebrate the life and contributions of Tina Turner far extend beyond her singing and dancing!!! She’s been a civil and human rights advocate from her earliest years via her own outlook and personal choices of perception as action and words. And, the World has been her beneficiary for several decades. She is The Indisputable QUEEN OF ROCK AND ROLL, likely to remain so in perpetuity, like unto Elvis (the”king”); and, yet, oh so much more… The idea of a MUSEUM AND LIBRARY, on a sizable plot of land where people can relax, contemplate, meditate, pray, think, study, sing, dance’ be inspired to find our callings as to how we will best serve those around us, near and far, connecting with them/us…It just seems suitable.
    Tina Turner set out to be a rock star: She more than achieved that!!!! And, look at how vastly, deeply, significantly she has positively impacted this World’s citizenry by how she has chosen to live the life she’s been blessed with, and has dared to share with us all…
    Hope to hear from you soon, Ro.
    P.S. I’d love to learn how to start a website. I’d also love to see Tina in person. A rare Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy has disabled me in countless ways, so, I’ll need quite a bit of help to check this off of my bucket list. But, I’m open to it.
    • Hi Rhoda,
      I think a TT museum and library is a great idea, but it will be difficult to find the necessary funds and also the right people to maintain it.
      For now the focus lies on the Flagg Grove school. I hope they are able to raise enough money to renovate the school.
      And who knows what follows next. 🙂

  3. I visited in May. I am the great granddaughter of Benjamin Flagg. It’s great to see the recognition for our educational heritage. My mother and aunt knew Flagg Grove school well but unfortunately they have passed. I am trying to find some old photos. Thank you.

    • Barbara that is great! Did you maybe take any photos from the inside of the school? Id yes, can you please send them to me?
      You can contact me through the contactpage. 🙂

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