Vogue – March 2013 and Bilanz 2011

Here is a swiss article from the Bilanz Magasin from 16 Dec. 2011.

“My success is the proof!

Rocklegend ans Buddhist Tina Turner and the Christian and former headhunter Regula Curti talk about the power of spirituality and why more managers do yoga.



Bilanz: TT you are a buddhist. Why?

TT: The short answer is: because it helps me to think positive and to be happy.

Bilanz: And the longer answer?

TT: It was in the seventies. I was a young singer and my ex husband was the only bridge to the world. I only was in venues and in recording studios. During recording sessions people from the studio talked to me about my sadness and loneliness and they urged me to take control of my own life. The first step to finding myself was to sing mantra’s and pray.

Bilanz: A good advice?

TT: I forgot it, but the sadness stayed. One day my youngest son came home with a wooden necklace for prayer and he told me very cheerfully that it would give strength and could make wishes come true. I was amazed. First the studio people and then my son and everything said to me: you have to do something, go your own way. Then I took the step in the unknown and, after 16 years, I left my husband. In the most difficult time of my life, when everything around me fell apart, I started with Buddhism for 4 hours every day. I read, I sang mantra’s and I did ok despite the difficult time. I had nothing, yet everything.

Bilanz: In the USA you were raised as a baptist. Was this a complete break with the past?

TT: When I was young we went to church every Sunday. Praying and having respect for each other was normal. Also the singing was always important. I was raised with a profound faith. I always was spiritual, and even more when my parents divorced each other.

Bilanz: Is it now over with the Christian Faith?

TT: No, I still pray the Our Father. The Buddism just was a new dimension in my spiritual life. It touched new places in myself, in my inner self, in my subconscious.

Bilanz: Regula Curti, how did you meet TT?

RC: I was at one of her concert in the eighties. In the Zürcher Hallenstadion. Her power and her radiation touched me very deeply. In 1997, when Tina moved to Küsnacht, she got in touch with my husband. She wanted to get to know him, while he had lived in the house that she wanted to rent. At a dinner we spoke about spirituality.

Bilanz: You were first lieutenant in the army and headhunter. Now you teach managers to do yoga. A long way?

RC: For 5 years I worked at Korn/Ferry International, that searched for kader mediators for the industry etc. One day in our firm a wellknown Yogi from India, Selvarajan Yesudian, gave lessons. I heard strange music coming from his studio. And what I noticed was that his visitors left the building with a positive radiation and very confident.

Bilanz: And you wanted to go there too with the candidates you searched for the jobs?

RC: I had the task to search for managers with charisma, passion and who were sociable.

They knew everything about targets etc., but my goal was to give them a job in a place where they could develop and show their potential.

Bilanz: And yoga is a way to do this?

RC: Nowadays everything is very hectic and busy and by doing yoga you can find an island of reflexion, inner peace. Yoga is the bridge between body and mind. And the person that takes from that source, takes from a deep source of wisdom.

And on top of that I was very connected with music. I found out, that business people, that played the saxophon in the weekend or went for salsa dancing or did some other musical activities were more balanced and more sensitive. And I wanted to use that too.

Bilanz: Do you have more success because of spirituality?

TT: Look at my biography. When I started developing myself I had the power to break free from a destructive marriage. I discovered who I was, what my strong points were and I was able to become balanced and could make good decisions. For me Buddhism is more a help in life than just a religion.

I noticed how my body and subconsciousness became united and benefitted from each other.

My success is just the proof of that.

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