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I created this topic with all the information about Tina’s Marriage and Wedding Party.
It starts with the latest news and you can read back to the day when we first heard that Tina was going to get married.

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July 2014
David Bowie attended the wedding of his dear friend Tina Turner to Erwin Bach on the banks of lake Zurich in Algonquin.
Here he performed a rather impromptu performance of the Andy Williams classic. ‘And I love You So’
The band however were not present, as you can tell it’s a backing track. You can feel that Bowie has had a few wines and in the company of his dear wife, Iman, I feel he performs with sincerity and a relaxed rendition it is. Courtesy of Ollie Gwyther.

1 Oct. 2013
Hi everybody,
Here is the Viva Magazine from the Ukraine, 19 Sept. 2013. It is the same as the Hello article, but I still wanted it to share with you all.
Big thanks to надежда калина! 😀


  1. Luciane Silva de Souza

    *felicidades, Tina!!!

  2. Yiyi Vilella-Solano


  3. Mark McKinney

    How do I subscribe? I LOVE THIS SITE!!!
    Thank You,
    Mark McKinney

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks. You can subscribe to updates at the left side of the page. In the left sidebar is a subscibe option. 🙂

  4. Mrs. (Turner) Bach you made a beautiful bride!!!! Everything looked simply magical, and georgous. I’m a person that has resigned to being single for the rest of my life. I am 54 years old and have not been married, nor lived with anyone. You have restored my faith in marriage that it does not matter how old, or how young you may be if the love bug hits you can have the world. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Elizabeth Baganetswe

    Looking really good Ms Turner

  6. Your presence, your voice, YOU are who the millions of people go to see and be with…that is clearly demonstrate by having to add tour dates and the phenomenal numbers of records you continue to sale.

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