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On this page I will put all info about the upcoming musical about Tina Turner’s life.
It is so exciting! 😀
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23 March 2018
What a rollercoaster it has been! Everybody is loving this new musical so much.
It is as if you are at a Tina Turner concert is what they say.
Well you can’t get better praise than that I think.
As for the merchandise, this is what you can buy at the Aldwych Theatre: T shirt, cup, hooded jacket, small poster with the motif of the musical and the program booklet. Thanks Birgit Kreussler! 😀

Tina Turner - Hooded Jacket

Tina Turner – Hooded Jacket

Here are some more videos, photos and articles.









Adrienne Warren as Tina Turner Adrienne Warren as Tina Turner

And this is a fantastic photo! Tina Turner looking at her younger self.

Tina Turner the Musical

And an article from the Daily Mail from the 23rd of March 2018:
Adrienne Warren’s simple the best as Tina Turner
By Baz Bamigboye for the Daily Mail

Tina Turner’s grandma described the singer’s voice as a combination of ‘fire and heaven’.
Adrienne Warren, who portrays Turner in the musical Tina, which began previewing at the Aldwych Theatre on Wednesday, totally captures that heat, and paradise, too.
She and Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, who portrays Ike Turner, with whom Tina had an incendiary 16-year relationship, are incandescent.

Director Phyllida Lloyd, working on her first musical since Mamma Mia!, met Turner several times while researching the show, along with Olivier award-winning writer Katori Hall and producer Tali Pelman.
Turner and her husband, Erwin Bach, are executive producers.
It’s not a whitewash. Lloyd and Hall take the show to the darkest parts of Turner’s life and show how mean-spirited Ike was when he threw drum cymbals at her, kicked and punched her.
But Holdbrook-Smith makes you understand (but not condone) why the insecure Ike lashes out. He was never given credit for his role in rock’n’roll history, and took it out on his wife.

Warren, an up-and-coming Broadway name, digs deep for her portrait of Tina.
It’s not an impersonation — though when she donned the blonde wig and black leather dress that Turner wore for her What’s Love Got To Do With It music video, I got chills, especially when Anthony van Laast’s Tina Turner-inspired choreography kicked in.
It’s a brilliant scene in a show that’s full of sublime, heartstopping musical theatre moments.
Tina’s in healthy shape now, but will get even better during previews, once Lloyd’s superb cast and creative team finesse the scene transitions.
Some of the audience on Wednesday night thought they were at a Tina Turner concert, and their clapping drowned out some of the numbers. Which gives me the perfect excuse to go and see the show again.
And my second time won’t be my last — it’s simply the best.

And an article about Tina Turner from the Guardian here.

Thanks to Frank Schmidt for the golden dress photo and Tiago Giles for the TT and younger self photo! 😀
And to women.insideout for 2 of the videos! 😀


  1. I absolutely adore this lady. She has been my Idol for many years. Was lucky to go to three of her concerts

  2. Who could pull off a miniskirt and boots at 75 yrs old, ONLY TINA, with a see through blouse. TINA-RXR FROM CALIF, miss ya, see ya soon.

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