Hi everybody,
On this page I will put all info about the upcoming musical about Tina Turner’s life.
It is so exciting! 😀
And if you have any additional info, please let me know. 😀

19 Oct. 2017
Hi everybody,
What a treat we had this week. Seeing Tina Turner on stage again! 😀

Here is a report from the Dutch Shownieuws. Joop van den Ende tells us, that everybody was very surpised and delighted to see Tina going on stage and performing a bit. That wasn’t in the books. Thanks Boris for the subtitles and syncing! 😀

Furthermore I was watching “It takes Two” on BBC2 last night and Alexandra Burke said that Tina Turner was in the building at that time.
She briefly met her. Tina was there for a recording. She will be on the Jonathan Ross Show at the 28th of Oct. 2017 on ITV. 10.20 – 11.20 pm. That is UK time. For the Netherlands that is: 23.20 hr. – 00.20 hr. Great news!

Then there was a little article in the Newsday newspaper. Here it is:

Article Tina Turner - Newsday - 18 Oct. 2017

And an article in the Bild from 18 Oct. 2017:

Article Tina Turner - Das Bild - 18 Oct. 2017

Thanks Beto Garofalo! 😀


  1. I absolutely adore this lady. She has been my Idol for many years. Was lucky to go to three of her concerts

  2. Who could pull off a miniskirt and boots at 75 yrs old, ONLY TINA, with a see through blouse. TINA-RXR FROM CALIF, miss ya, see ya soon.

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