Tina Turner – Is this love?

Hi everybody,
David Coverdale from the British hardrockband “Whitesnake” talks about their song “Is this love?”.
He says originally he wanted Tina Turner to sing it.
Here is the interview:

“I was messing about with this idea for Tina Turner – the amazing, luminous Tina Turner; I would still love to hear her perform it.
I was playing it on the piano *sings the melody*…
“And John [Sykes] would stay up most of the night – he’d get up at the crack of 4PM straight to the kitchen for a coffee.
I’m playing the song and he said, ‘Oh, what is that?’ I went, ‘Oh, it’s not for us, it’s for Tina Turner.’

What do you all think? Was this a good song for Tina?
I think so.
Listen to “Love is a beautiful thing”. That is similar.
Originally from Al Green, but sang by Tina and included on the five-million selling Princess Diana tribute album in 1997.

We also were spoilt this week with new photos from Tina and her husband Erwin Bach and her son Graig.
They all look very happy. 😀

Tina Turner and her son Craig Tina Turner and her son Craig

Erwin Bach, Tina Turner and her son Craig