Pictures of Tina in the Vogue!

Hi everybody,
Here are the pictures of the German Vogue. Oldest VOGUE cover star of all time: TINA – radiant and fierce at 73 !!!!!
"Mehr als eine Rock'n'Roll-Ikone: Mit 73 ist Tina Turner ein Wunder an Gelassenheit und Lebensfreude "
Article to follow tomorrow!
Here is a little preview. Thanks Lasse!

"I'm currently taking German lessons again, in Standard German. Swiss German would be even more complicated. I can introduce myself, tell how old I am, where I come from, when I first came to Switzerland… All that I can say in German. But now I'm learning grammatically correct German with my teacher – from scratch, so to speak."




Here are the descriptions for photo 2-4:

2: Paillettenbesticktes Kleid und Strickbolero: Giorgio Armani Vintage. Sandaletten: Giorgio Armani
3: Strickoverall: Giorgio Armani Vintage. Sandaletten: Giorgio Armani. Ohrclip aus Weißgold mit Südseeperle und Diamanten: Christophe Graber. Übriger Schmuck: privat.
4: Smokingblazer, Shirt und Hose von Giorgio Armani. Perlenohrclips von Christophe Graber. Übriger Schmuck: privat.

BEAUTY-TIPPFoundation "Maestro Fusion Make-up", Mascara "Eyes to Kill Excess", "Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Palette 4" und Lippenstift "Rouge d'Armani Sheers Scarlato", alles von Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. Frisuren von Jennifer Wagner. Make-up: Luca Mannucci. Moderedakteur: Nicola Knels. Assistenz: Andreas Krings

© Claudia Knoepfel und Stefan Indlekofer – mit Tina Turner

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  1. *Nice Article. It appears as though she lost some weight. She is still Beautiful. But it appears as
    though there is a little too much airburshing on face and even some on the body, as I doubt she is quite that small. Her touring days are probably over, but still look forward to see what she does next.

    • Yes some pictures are a bit too much photoshop, especially the front cover. But overall these are great photos I think. And the article is nice. Tina tells a lot about herself.

  2. *No matter what they have done to the photos by way of enhancement, it is so nice to see Tina. She looks great at her age. I absolutely love the Vogue pictures. I would like to buy the Vogue. Can you get this Vogue in the States or do you have to order from oversees? Where can I place an order for copies of the must have magazines featuring Tina?

  3. Hi Jamee,

    You can order the Vogue here:

    They ship worldwide.

    Good luck!

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