Tina Turner – Birthday Party – Amsterdam and Birthday Wish Bryan Adams

Hi everybody,
Last weekend the other TT Blog organised a Tina Turner Birthday Party in Amsterdam.
Some 150 fans were there.
They were entertained by the fabulous Nurlaila Karim.
Here are videos from her performance:

And a birthday wish from Bryan Adams on Twitter:

Birthday Wish Bryan Adams


  1. What’s love got to do with it? EVERYTHING

    You are awesome Tina Turner

    It might be a second-hand emotion but…….

  2. Hope you had a Great Celebration Tina

  3. H. B. Ms. Tina Turner. Many may imatate, but u the original Tina. My 27yr. Old daughter in madd made n lov with u. When that movie comes on n u n the Ikeetts doin that punch out, kick turn and again then ski shake the he booty she’s up doin it. U r the bom dignity bomb..yes u. We pray ur in our world for l long long time.
    Gog Bless U Tina..carol nash from buffalo, n.y.

  4. Happy Birthday Dear
    You are Definitely loved

  5. Thank you for sharing this event Bryan. Nurlaila Karim is very, very talented and this is an outstanding tribute to the one and only Tina.

  6. Used to go see her at Club Imperial in Ferguson, Mo. Admired her for many years. She’s still simply the best. Happy Birthday to a very class act!

  7. Happy birthday Tina,

  8. Adela Osterloh

    You are wonderful, HAPPY BIRTHDAY may you continue to be blessed, love you.

  9. Happy Birthday, Queen Tina! You are the BEST!!! Hope you have an amazing birthday. You give so much joy to the world with your music!! You have made a difference in this world! THANK YOU!

  10. I thank you for class music, Tina

  11. Carolyn Carroll

    The one the only Tina Turner, you are simply the best. I have always been a fan and always will be.

  12. Fabulous lady, simply the best!!

  13. Love u Tina Turner, have always been fan, I think ur terrific !!!

  14. Love you, Tina!
    NO ONE even comes close to to your incredible voice, spirit, or legs!!!

  15. Love u Tina u have grown in the entertainment world like pt. volcano erruption. Best of all best

  16. Happy Birthday Tina. May your day be filled with Love, Laughter and happiness!!!

  17. Anna Mae eat the cake! !
    love you Tina I wish I was there

  18. I’ve been loving you was incredible. The audience is pretty funny.

  19. Happy birthday fellow Sag! Love your music and spirit.



  21. Tina you are the best. Happy Birthday
    and God bless

  22. Love you Tina you are Simply The Best

  23. Sandra Williams

    Happy Belated Birthday Tina! I have alway been a Fan, you are truly Awesome

  24. I agree she’s the best

  25. Robin Shepherd

    Happy birthday to you and I hope that you have many more!

  26. Mrs.Turner i learn how to be more strong that what i was watching your movie, your my model, god bless you .

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