Tina Turner – I’ll Give Up All That Other Stuff, Except My Name!

Tina Turner

The title is a quote from Tina’s 1993 Biopic Movie: “What’s Love Got To Do With It“.
A quote from the courtroom scene that most people will never forget.
It seems that Tina’s new upcoming musical will also start in a courtroom.
This period in Tina’s life was a big struggle.
A new start for Tina without her former husband, a new music scene and certainly a new form of entertaining.
All these new things had to be combined to attract audiences to see The Queen perform live.
We will give you a peak of Tina’s journey in those years.

After splitting up in 1976, Tina had a lot of problems to overcome: No income, no decent living circumstances and she was not able to provide the basics in life for her kids for a while.
Tina was used to people making decisions for her, and had to start making decisions for herself.
In her personal life and her business career.
At first she needed some time to think things over and had to taste life a little.
By the end of 1976 Tina partly re-arranged herself and was planning to perform again.
Tina showed the world on the New Years Eve at The Donny and Marie Osmond Show, that she could do it on her own.

In the meantime, Tina tried hard to find herself a record label, but that wasn’t an easy job.
Record labels were demanding money from Ike, and were honestly thinking that Tina would either end up with Ike again or never left him.
The only thing Tina could do was going back on the road and do as many TV performances she could.
She had to find a place for herself to settle, instead of staying with friends and family.
She also had debts. Mostly cause Ike planned a tour and Tina left the show.
All these venues had to been canceled and tour promoters kept billing them for paying back all the costs they’ve made.
Tina knew that it wouldn’t be easy to make it without recording new records, but she also knew that she always could perform and cover songs during her live shows. The only trouble she had was, that she had no money to start over again.
Tina asked Rhonda Graam, assistant and road manager, to help her out.
Rhonda booked her on various TV shows in 1977.
Shows like The Sonny and Cher Show, Dinah Show, Mike Stewart Show, The Lynn Anderson Show, Hollywood Squares and The Las Vegas Entertainment Awards. After making performances and eventual tour promotions, Tina made an agreement with Mike Stewart from United Artists Record Company to get back on the road and setup a show and band.

Tina started to tour again in 1977, in The US and Australia.
She created a Las Vegas Cabaret Show, mostly influenced by the Raunchy Disco Music Scene.
Here are some pictures of a Tour Program from 1977, from Tina’s shows in Casa Manana, Fort Worth, Texas.

Tina Turner - Casa Manana Show - 1977 Tina Turner - Casa Manana Show - 1977

Tina Turner - Casa Manana Show - 1977 Tina Turner - Casa Manana Show - 1977 Tina Turner - Casa Manana Show - 1977

Tina Turner - Casa Manana Show - 1977 Tina Turner - Casa Manana Show - 1977 Tina Turner - Casa Manana Show - 1977

Although Tina kept on working, she still wasn’t able to make a decent living for herself.
People who owned money from her from the old days were waiting at venues to cash in and it became frustrating.
Another frustrating thing was that Tina still couldn’t record any new songs.
Record Labels still were turning her down cause Ike was releasing albums under the name Ike & Tina Turner.
In 1977 he released the album “Delilah’s Power”.
This album was recorded way before it became released and they even promoted the song “Delilah’s Power” together in 1975 and 1976.
Ike’s releases sure did hinder Tina’s plans, but she had no other choice than to stay on the road, until a next chance appeared.

Tina went on with touring and she arrived in Europe in the beginning of 1978 to say hello again to her European fans.
Europe always admired Tina and people gladly read the reviews and stories in the papers and magazines.
Tina released a disco version of the single “Acid Queen“. Although it already was released on her 1975 solo album “Acid Queen“, they decided to release the song as single as well.
Tina performed the song on the German Show Musikladen and people were stunned.

Tina’s divorce became final in March 1978, and to speed things up for herself, she didn’t want much but wanted to keep her stage name.
The court decided that she was allowed to use her stage name and Tina won the settlement.
Tina became more free, more independent and more busy with her personal and professional life.
If you want to read more about this, you always could (re-)read the 40 years of independency story part 1 and 2 on this blog.

Tina’s 1993 biopic Movie was based on the novel she wrote with Kurt Loder called “I, Tina“, which was released in 1986.
The movie didn’t show a lot of Tina’s struggle to her huge comeback in 1984.
As we all know, we can expect a musical based on her life next year, produced by Musical Master Joop van den Ende.
Joop gave us a clue that the musical would probably start with the courtroom scene and hopefully he and Tina will show us more of this career period: 1976-1984. This period should be seen as a separate survival story of Tina’s life.
Let’s all hope we will see more of these years, and that this musical will be a great one, to tell the amazing Tina story just one last time.
Here is the first video in which Joop van den Ende, the famous theater producer, announced the musical about Tina Turner’s life. We have subtitled it in English for you! Thanks Boris for your help! 😀


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