Tina Turner Musical – Who can play Tina Turner?

Hi everybody,
In earlier posts we wrote about the new Tina Turner Musical.
At the moment it is quiet. Is that because they are working hard to finish everything?
We hope so. 😀
In the mean time it could be fun to explore which performers could play Tina Turner.
We know there will be 3 Tina Turner’s, one from 10 years old, one from 20 years old and one from 38 years old.
I assume the younger ones probably are artists who are not very wellkown yet, because of their age.
But who could be the Tina Turner performer of 38 years old?
I will list 12 of them. There are dozens more of course, but I chose the 12 most wellknown Tina Turner performers. 

1. Kinisha
Kinisha is an established tribute artist performing the Steamy Windows Experience, a full tribute to Tina Turner.
Her reputation as a top class, polished performer is well known by local and national entertainments agents who when engaging Kinisha are confident that they are booking an exceptional performer and entertainer.
Kinisha’s flexibility of performance enables her to cater to the requirements of a variety of venues.
She creates the ambiance to suit the relaxed atmosphere of restaurants, hotel dinner dances through to the pulsating night club.


2. Manouchka
How I came to be a Tina Turner impersonator
My parents took me to my first concert. I was seven years old, and from then on I had a single ambition – to sing and act!
Long hours we spent, my older sister and I, locked in my bedroom after school, singing and acting, and pretending.
I held onto that dream. After college in Montreal, I took singing, dancing and acting classes, and I started to get acting gigs here and there. My dream was coming true.
I was becoming a tiny star in my own universe, when suddenly it all came crashing down on me.
My sister, my soul-mate, was murdered. Married to an abusive man, I had tried to warn her, but like too many women in our society, she was the victim of her own unselfish heart.
In the end, I proved powerless to help her. My world was shattered, my voice stilled, and my own heart beat to a new rhythm – calling out to a vanished soul through an empty land.
I was young still. I had no desire to sing, but I found salvation in the birth of my daughter. Perhaps God repays womankind for the injustice life requires us to face by the mystic act of giving life. In any case, I was at peace.

And there was Tina Turner – at the height of her career. A woman, I discovered, who had risen above the same spousal abuse my sister had succumbed to.
People around me were talking about Tina, and about how much I resembled her, and the more I learned about her, the more she intrigued me.
I saw her live in concert and that was it – I was in love!
I adored the sound of her voice which I found so similar to mine, the way that she moved and danced on stage, and at that moment, I could not deny the striking resemblance between us.
Impersonating another artist had never been my goal in life, but there I was, listening and watching and learning the details of another woman’s performance, and what a performance it is!
When I portray that vitality, that unvanquished spirit, and that sensuality on stage – to bring it to an audience who may never get to see Tina live, or someone that through good fortune, has seen her, and can be reminded, then I do what I have set out to do – to pay homage and tribute to a great human being who has touched my life so profoundly, and of course, just as importantly, to give you, my audience, what you deserve – a very, very, good time.


3. Elesha Paul Moses
I am a Tina Turner tribute .. I’ve not done big show set up, but I have sung at the Eurovision and been on the X Factor and sung at prides and been gigging as Tina for a year.
Biggest venue: 22000 in Serbia and I have performed in Wembley and on TV for 4 months.

Elesha Paul Moses

4. Karena Korokous
Inspired by early R&B, soul and rock legends of the ’50s, ’60s & ’70s, Karena grew up swooning alongside her father with his vinyl collection.
Performing live for the first time at age six, she began writing poetry and lyrics shortly after.
She has described her first performance as the moment she knewmusic was her savior.
Karena cultivated her silky-smooth vocals with years of formal choral training, competing often in Florida’s local and state solo & choral ensemble competitions, and later in a R&B singing group in her teens.
Her vocal style is often described as a mixture between Rock, R&B, soul & jazz coming together to form a unique sound and delivery.
Her captivating warm alto carries each song she sings with deep emotion.
Karena lists her biggest influences as Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Stevie Nicks, Sade and Diana Ross – to name a few.

Karena Korokous

5. Luisa Marshall
Tina Turner Tribute Artist/Impersonator/Lookalike Luisa Marshall is a world class performer and award winning artist, winning the World Rock and Roll Tribute Artist Championship in 2003. Luisa Marshall’s uncanny resemblance to Tina Turner has heads turning everywhere she goes.
Often this celebrity lookalike and sound alike is mistaken as the real Tina Turner!
From the legs, the lips, and the Rock & Roll attitude, no other artist can emulate Tina Turner like Luisa Marshall does.
Luisa Marshall pays tribute to the Queen of Rock & Roll in her spectacular Tina Turner Tribute Show.
Audiences from all walks of life simply adore her powerful live vocal renditions of Tina Turner’s greatest hit songs such as Proud Mary, The Best, Better Be Good To Me, Private Dancer, What’s Love Got To Do With It, Let’s Stay Together and We Don’t Need Another Hero to name a few.
Luisa Marshall as Tina Turner is a once in a lifetime experience that makes this live tribute show to Tina Turner the most spectacular, fun, energetic, and entertaining tribute to the Queen of Rock & Roll. Luisa Marshall is Simply the Best!

Luisa Marshall

6. Nurlaila Karim
Nurlaila started her career in the Rockcircuit of the Hague, the Netherlands, but landed eventually in the musical world.
In 2007 she played the leading role in the musical “The Wiz”.
This musical became the favorite of the public and millions of people saw her excellent performance of Dorothy.
According to Joop van den Ende, the famous Dutch producer, Nurlaila has one of the best musical voices in the Netherlands.
Nurlaila also played in the the musicals “Fame”, Miss Saigon”, “Rent” and “Les Misérables”.
She also released 2 Dance-Singles and her solo album “Chameleon” and an album with Songs for children.

Nurlaila Karim

7. Samira
Tina Turner’s torrid vocal interpretation and electrifying stage presence has always been an inspiration to Tina Turner Impersonator “Samira” who has managed to take the wonders of Tina Turner and replicate them with amazing energy and passion!
Samira is a fan as well as a Tina Turner Tribute and is dedicated to portraying her favorite legend with absolute accuracy.
Samira’s especially influenced by Tina Turners infallible ability to drench a lyric in passion and then whip it into a hurricane of choreography and vocal deliverance that one would think would be impossible to duplicate.


8. Nova Casper
A professional artist with 26 years of experience in entertainment, Nova progressed from international singer/ dancer to bill-topping, cabaret star, and on to premier league tribute artiste.
A Skilled vocal coach and backing singer to many stars such as Gloria Gaynor, Nova has also been a recording session vocalist backing stars such as; Lulu, Bobby Womack, David Bowie, The Christians and Jackie Graham.
In 1986 Nova recorded and released her first single on Bluebird Records, Billy Boy and Virgin.
Other releases featuring Nova include; Be Sincere (M.J. Cole, A&M, 1996), which reached No.13 in the national charts, Shine on My Time (Vinyl Flare Music Ltd, 2006), and South Central Diamonds (Subliminal Records, 2006).

Nova Casper

9. Emi Wokoma (Soul Sister Musical)
On the strength of her performance as Tina Turner in this new jukebox musical, Emi Wokoma needn’t worry about whether she’s going to be able to pay the rent for the foreseeable future: stardom surely awaits. The little acting the show requires of her she manages just fine, but her impersonation of Anna Mae Bullock, renamed Tina Turner is startling.
She’s got that strange, stiff-legged dance and the flutters of the hands. And she’s got a voice that can strip paint or sing a lullaby within the same bar.
Emi Wokoma’s stage credits include “Hairspray” at the Shaftesbury Theatre; as one of the Ronettes in “Little Shop of Horrors” at Birmingham Repertory Theatre; in “The Bacchae” directed by John Tiffany for The National Theatre of Scotland, and in Trevor Nunn’s “Porgy and Bess” at the Savoy.

Emi Wokoma

10. Karin Bello
Karin Bello, a talented, passionate singer and dancer from Los Angeles, may be a newcomer to most but she is actually a veteran performer.
She started her career as a ballet dancer with the Pasadena Dance Theatre and went on to perform on the Cruise Ships in the Caribbean.
After which she attained the role of Gigi in London’s West End Production of Miss Saigon.
For many years following, Karin continued performing in various musical productions in the West End and in the United States including the Gumbie Cat in “Cats”.
This American diva sings all the classics from the 60’s to the present day plus all the favourite show tunes from musicals and more.
The minute she takes the stage and even before she sings the first note, you know she is an uncommonly rare talent and you’re in for a fantastic night.
With something for everyone she will make your night one to remember!

Karin Bello

11. Justine Riddoch
Justine has been singing professionally for over 26 years now and has worked extensively in theatres and on national TV, she is also a much sought after session vocalist for some of the biggest record labels in the UK.
In her early career she could be seen treading the familiar cabaret scene as a dynamic vocalist
and could boast knowing over 5000 songs, becoming a human juke box at venues.
In 2002 she won the ITV’s “Stars in their Eyes”.
Having been told on many occasions she really sounded like Tina Turner, Justine set herself the challenge to become the closest copy she could be.
But this was going to take some transformation.

After hours of scrutinising video footage, watching mannerisms and movements, hand making the all important wig, deciding which costumes to copy, listening to patter and hundreds of versions of the same songs from different decades, the band and Justine created Totally TINA.
The boys in the band were informed that girls would have to be a big big part of this and surprisingly no one complained! A troupe of professional dancers were hand-picked, choreography based on Tina’s live shows and our own unique creations were created and the whole production was rehearsed, tweaked and rehearsed again.

“I’ve been myself a lot longer than I’ve been a tribute to any artist and its strange sometimes to transform into my big alter ego.
But you get away with an awful lot with being TINA!
Her sheer presence, her energy, her humility and dyanamite vocals. If I can’t achieve success in my onw right and her fans aren’t too upset, I cannot think of anyone I would rather pay homage too.
I’ve never thought of myself as an impersonator and in no way ever think I can replace the legend that is Ms Turner, but I hope if she ever sees the show she will appreciate the hard work and sacrifice we have put into it just so we can keep spreading her name to her fans.I always say to our audiences at the end. If you felt for just one second you were watching Tina again then our job is done”.

Justine Riddoch

12. Rebecca O’ Connor
Rebecca O’Connor grew up in County Cork, Ireland, and was introduced to Tina Turner’s music as a young girl.
In the early stages of Rebecca’s music career she said, “When I first heard Tina it was like a volcano went off inside me. I knew then this amazing woman would influence me forever”.
Joining her first band at 17, Rebecca incorporated countless Tina songs into their setlist, drawing on inspiration and motivation for her own performance. After winning a local karaoke competition singing “Simply The Best”, her mother entered her into the European “Stars In Their Eyes” competition, where she went on to win the title in front of over 33 million television viewers worldwide.

Rebecca tours with her world class band of rock musicians and 2 sensational dancers. Rocking crowds from start to finish with iconic hits like Nutbush City Limits, Proud Mary, River Deep, Private Dancer, When the Heartache Is Over and of course her unforgettable anthem, Simply the Best.
Die hard fans and lovers of great music alike will be gobsmacked at Rebecca’s highly professional and endlessly entertaining performance. Throughout her critically acclaimed 2015 tour, Rebecca received countless standing ovations, including two sell­out performances at Melbourne’s iconic Crown Casino.
Don’t miss your chance to see Rebecca rock the stage with her wild hair, jaw­dropping dresses, red lipstick and stiletto heels.

Rebecca O Connor

Which performers are the best choice?
Choose in our poll!


  1. Saskia Cornell

    Paula Randell most definitely – she’s the most natural, looks like Tina, sounds like Tina and dances like her and her diction is spot on.

    • It is difficult. The performer must have a good voice, has to be a good actress and also has the right age and does look good.
      And most important, Tina Turner must approve her.
      I wonder what the other fans will choose. 😀

  2. I think Nurlaila is the best choice in this list. She’s a good singer, and had some experience with acting.
    But I’m afraid none of these performers are on the list of Joop and Tina…. If so, Nurlaila makes a big chance for a part in the musical.

  3. Sandy Maskell

    Kinisha for sure!!! I was actually at the Mathew Street performance shown in her video above and the atmosphere she created was electric. She has the looks and the attitude of Tina and totally brings the whole Tina experience to life.

  4. Astrid Eerden

    Also my vote for Paula!!!

  5. Jessica Thompson

    JUSTINE RIDDOCH – not on list no idea why as she is UK NUMBER ONE Tina tribute!! – amazing see for yourself ? http://Www.totallytinalive.co.uk ?✨

  6. I’m amazed that the fabulous Justine Riddoch isn’t on your list. Currently touring as Totally TINA, with a show that has won the national tribute awards twice running and Best Female Artist at the awards this year.

  7. How can Justine Riddoch not be on this list?! Her show Totally TINA! is incredible, Voted the best at the national tribute awards AGAIN this year, she was also voted best female artist and won other accolades for the amazing show she’s put together. She has to be considered for this role!! x

  8. Erm how about the uk’s no1 tribute to Tina? As awarded by the agents of Britain? TWICE!!
    Justine Riddoch as Totally TINA.
    She’d run rings round some of these.

  9. Warren Ringham

    Wow! You guys have totally missed the most obvious one? Justine Riddoch?!? UK’s no. 1, and I’m sorry…waaaay better than Paula Randell!

  10. Rachael Cowden

    Could I ask a polite question?

    Why isn’t the UK’s 2016 official number 1 (as voted for by the Agents’ Association) “Totally Tina” (Justine Riddoch) on this list?

    I love Samira, Kinisha, Nova and Karen – they’re all fabulous and nice girls too, but I think it only fair that Justine is listed.

    She’s worked tremendously hard with her stage team and is currently working for P&O Cruises, Warners, Sensatori and Butlins as Tina. She is also on a sell-out theatre tour of the UK with her fabulous band and dancers.

    She’s also very close to the playing age – a must I think.

    Just an observation.

  11. Della Gwizdala

    This is crazy guys!! Why isn’t Justine Riddoch on this list. Justine is the amazing talent behind Totally Tina, VOTED THE NUMBER ONE TINA TURNER TRIBUTE ACT 2016. Justine has created a huge act with dancers and band. Got the BEST CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD AND BEST LIGHTING 2016. When you see Justine as Tina you think it’s the real thing. She is an internationally acclaimed TINA TURNER tribute, the choice of P & O cruises and Senatori resorts abroad. Do I have to start a petition???

  12. Hi there.

    You must consider Justine Riddoch who performs as Totally Tina with her first class show. She portrays Tina to a T!

    She has just won the UK tribute awards as the best Tina Turner in the UK, Best Chireography, best sound and lights and best female singer!

    You would miss out on a great act if she was overlooked!

  13. Della Gwizdala

    Where is the National Tribute Music Awards 2016 winner? Justine Riddoch. Her Totally Tina act has been described as worthy of Vegas. With a full team of dancers and live music, Justine has wowed her audiences in the UK and abroad. Truly amazing act, hard to believe you’re not watching Tina Turner herself. Justine is the choice of P & O cruises and Sensatori resorts abroad and has toured the UK to delight her fans.




  14. Kinisha by far is The Best & I have seen many Tina Tribute acts. She has the voice, look & stage presence plus she is a very lovely lady

  15. Justine Riddoch
    Has to be the Top Tribute act to Tina Turner. The Totally Tina experience is one you will never forget Let’s start with the Band.A top bunch of talented musician that make their instruments sing. A real band that get you moving. Then theres the dancers spot on routines well up to the beat.Fowless. Now to the main Lady Justice Riddoch.Totally the Best.Her talent to amaze you in her transformation into the Queen of Rock Tina Turner is out of this world. Her voice her look her costumes stunning 100 per cent to detail.Hard work and talent won Justine the title this year. She is the best Totally and simply. She is Tina Turner. Jack Sutton North London

  16. Ashley Bolton Burrows

    Where is Justine Riddoch as Totally Tina! As an Entertainment Director for the worlds leading Holiday company Justine brings the pure Energy, charisma and Soul of the First Lady or Rock and Soul. From the moment Justine steps on stage the audience are capture by the true reflection and impersonation form the costumes the look and of course not forgetting the Unforgattable vocals. Justine has been awarded the UKs Number one Tribute to Tina Turner on a number of occasions due to her pure determination to deliver ‘The Best’

  17. none keep looking

  18. Why is missing the incredible impersonator of Tina Turner .. Pepi Petersen. Pepi Petersen surely has be added..

    Pepi Petersen (NL)
    Tribute to Tina Turner

    With many years of experience , Nice N’ Rough ft.Pepi Petersen is definitely one of worlds best impersonators of Tina Turner. Full of energy and the powerful voice, who is a magnificent sound-a-like of Tina Turner with all looks and moves and a true passion for this legendary Diva , Pepi Petersen brings you the best , typical and recognizable sound. Nice N’ Rough ft. Pepi Petersen will make a huge show and create the ultimate feeling of a real concert of Tina Turner. All routine with some flair and some nostalgia , Pepi Petersen will take you to another world which will bring lots of emotion.Like Pepi Petersen’s passion for Tina Turner will be brought to you, you might hardly forget that it’s not Tina but Pepi who is in front of you. Just close your eyes and let yourself go into another dimension. Pepi Petersen invites you to a magnificent and dynamic Tina Turner. Well known Tina Turner hits such as “Nutbush City Limits”, “Proud Mary”, “Private Dancer”, “Steamy Windows”, “Simply The Best” and others are performed with passion. Come listen and be tempted to meet again , anyplace anywhere anytime. Because… What you see is what you get and what you get is what you see !!

    Video links; TINA TURNER by Nice N’ Rough ft. Pepi Petersen
    Simply The Best > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pGYhogdgi8
    Nutbush City Limits > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjWvbUWszNc


    • Erik we can’t list them all, but thanks for mentioning Pepi Petersen. 😀

      • I perfectly understand this however if anyone is that close to Tina Turner , then it’s Pepi Petersen. She definitely has got the moves and grooves of Tina and her voice is the closest you can get. With all respect to other Tributes , simply the best. And not only me but many others agreed with this … If you are that fan of Tina Turner , Pepi Petersen should be listed and for sure many will vote for het 😉

  19. Michael Thorpe aka MC Parker Funmaster

    Kinisha ! Wow! Wow! Tina will be so proud to be represented at 38 by this awesome dynamic performer, actor and singer. The most convincing Tina on the scene. All types of people will love.
    When my family goes to see a show, we want to feel the force, be thoroughly entertained,connect through the passion and artistry of the artist. It moves you! Kinisha brings so much energy to the stage, you take some home with you, happy for weeks.
    This is what we have witnessed in seeing Kinisha live over and over again.
    Big respect.


  20. I have seen Justine Riddoch many times, she is simply the best. A professional polished performance with 24/7 commitment. This wonderful lady has it all, the looks the moves a wonderful singing voice, a nack of enthralling and engaging an audience. She and her team work tirelessly to recreate the real Tina Turner experience ?

  21. Has to be Justine Riddoch the tribute award winner of all the categories at this years awards have worked and compared in many countries and venues she is the true professional

    • Thanks Ron! 😀

    • John Greenall

      I’m sure that all the other girls are good at what they do but my vote has gone to Justine Riddoch. What a fabulous, dedicated, hard working consummate professional she is. With Totally Tina, she has created an amazing show and thoroughly deserves the accolade as “UK’s number 1 tribute act”…..

  22. Justine Riddoch top dollar!

  23. Justine gets my vote every time so much energy and charisma.

  24. Lorraine maull

    Definitely justine riddoch x x

  25. Karin Bello – Simply the Best!

  26. Justine riddoch talented & dedicated

  27. Jill McIntosh

    No one deserves this title role more than Justine Riddoch, I have known her for 23 years and this girl has never stopped, building and changing her act. I don’t think she’s had a real holiday in all that time as she is a true professional and it doesn’t get performed until she has got it spot on. Go Justine, you deserve this so much

  28. Michael Thorpe aka MC Parker Funmaster

    Hello Johanna.
    All the acts look good, but what criteria are you using to judge?
    Looks to me like if you have lots of mates blindly voting for you then you will win regardless of whether you are any good, the best or not! I have watched all the videos twice and my best contestant on Performance, Singing ability ( backing singers and elaborate staging not included on my list!), Stage presence, Acting as Tina Turner then KINISHA should be way in front . There seems no proper justification why Justine and Karin are way ahead with the vast majority percentage, hogging all the votes.
    Come on! We are looking for the best person to play Tina aged 38 are we not!.

    • Hi Michael, I just searched the internet for candidats that could play Tina Turner.
      So I searched for Tina Turner tributes. That’s all.
      And I let the fans vote.
      We are just having a bit of fun. I am sure they are searching or have already found somebody that can sing, dance, act and looks good.
      And of course fans vote for what they like.
      We will just have to wait and see, but in the mean time, isn’t it great that so many fans are excited about it? I love it!
      We all know that Tina Turner is in all our hearts and these kind of things only confirm that.
      Maybe they choose somebody that isn’t known to the public already. We only can guess. But that is exciting, right?
      I hope we hear something soon! 😀

      • Michael Thorpe aka MC Parker Funmaster

        Nice one Johanna! I’m taking it far too seriously then. Call me old fashioned but i’m a first time blogger. A bit of fun indeed.

  29. Justine Riddoch aka Totally Tina gets my vote. Not that I have ever seen the real macoy, But Justine is as close to her ladyship as it gits. Voice, style manorisms all on point. She would be ideal.

  30. Angela Farrey

    Voted Kinisha she is simply the best

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