1976 - All This and World War II

In this installment of Rock 'N Roll Case Study we talk about ALL THIS AND WORLD WAR II, which is perhaps one of the most bizarre movies in rock 'n roll. The 1976 film by 20th Century Fox is the strangest mix of cinema and rock 'n roll, combining World War II images (newsreels and Hollywood films made at that time) with the music of the Beatles (not the Beatles original recordings, but by various artists).
The original intention of the filmmakers was to use actual Beatles music in the film. The decision to use other artists covering Beatles music was made by the film's producers after they realized additional money could be made through a soundtrack album. The decision was a sound one, as the soundtrack actually generated more revenue than the film.

Tina sings “Come together".1976 - All this and World War 2

Director: Susan Winslow
Produced by:
Sanford Lieberson
Martin J. Machat
Russ Regan
Running Time: 88 Minutes

"Magical Mystery Tour" - Ambrosia
"Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" - Elton John
"Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight" - The Bee Gees
"I Am The Walrus" - Leo Sayer
"She's Leaving Home" - Brian Ferry
"Lovely Rita" - Roy Wood
"When I'm Sixty-Four" - Keith Moon
"Get Back" - Rod Stewart
"Let It Be" - Leo Sayer
"Yesterday" - David Essex
"With A Little Help From My Friends/Nowhere Man" - Jeff Lynne1976 - All this and World War 2
"Because" - Lynsey De Paul
"She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" - The Bee Gees
"Michelle" - Richard Cocciante
"We Can Work It Out" - The Four Seasons

"The Fool On The Hill" - Helen Reddy
"Maxwell's Silver Hammer" - Frankie Laine
"Hey Jude" - The Brothers Johnson
"Polythene Pam" - Roy Wood
"Sun King" - The Bee Gees
"Getting Better" - Status Quo
"The Long And Winding Road" - Leo Sayer
"Help!" - Henry Gross
"Strawberry Fields Forever" Peter Gabriel
"A Day In The Life" - Frankie Valli
"Come Together" - Tina Turner
"You Never Give Me Your Money" - Wil Malone & Lou Reizner
"The End" - The London Symphony Orchestra

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