1990 - Opportunity Knocks

Con men Eddie Farrell (Carvey) and Lou Pesquino (Todd Graff) need cash fast and pretend to be repair men sent to fix a gas leak. The con fails, but they escape.
Eddie and Lou find an empty house that they decide to burglarize. When they learn from a message on the answering machine that the owner is out of the country and the man who was going to house-sit can't make it, they spend the night.
The next day, Eddie and Lou are on the run from thugs sent by local gangster Sal Nichols (James Tolkan), to whom they owe money. After they find themselves separated, Eddie takes refuge in the empty house.
In the morning, Eddie walks out of the shower and meets Mona Malkin (Doris Belack), whose son owns the house. She assumes Eddie is her son's friend Jonathan Albertson, the one supposed to house-sit. Eddie plays along, meeting Mona's businessman husband Milt (Robert Loggia), who offers him a job.
Eddie decides to run a "love con" on Milt's daughter Annie (Julia Campbell) in order to gain access to Milt's money. However, Lou is captured by Nichols.
Eddie and his aunt and uncle (Milo O'Shea and Sally Gracie) conspire to get Nichols off their backs for good. Along the way, Eddie falls in love with Annie.

In the background you hear Tina Turner sing “Not enough romance".

Director: Donald Petrie
Written By: Michel Katlin, Nat Bernstein, Mitchel Katlin1990 - Opportunity Knocks
Chuck Williams

Running Time: 102 Minutes

Dana Carvey as Eddie Farrell
Robert Loggia as Milt Malkin
Todd Graff as Lou Pesquino
Julia Campbell as Dr. Annie Malkin
Milo O'Shea as Max
James Tolkan as Sal Nichols
Doris Belack as Mona Malkin
Sally Gracie as Connie
Mike Bacarella as Pinkie
John M. Watson, Sr. as Harold Monroe
Beatrice Fredman as Bubbie
Thomas McElroy as Men's Room Attendant
Gene Honda as Japanese Businessman
Del Close as Williamson
Michelle Johnston as Club Singer
Lorna Raver as Eddie's Secretary
Judith Scott as Milt's Secretary

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