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1991 – Shindig presents Groovy Gals

Shindig, the hit '60's music series, presents a collection of rare television performances by female rock & roll royalty. Jimmy O'Neill is the host as these women glide through their songs with style. The Shangri-Las sing "Give Him a Great Big Kiss," Petula Clark sings "Downtown," the Supremes perform "Baby Love," Ketty Lester blasts out "Love Letters," and Aretha Franklin sings "The Shoop Shoop Song." Fontella Bass, Jackie Deshannon, Lesley Gore, the Toys, Tina Turner and the Blossoms also appear.

The Acid Queen, Tina Turner, electrifies with Ooh-Poo-Pah-Do. Tina in a tasteful cocktail dress and nice pumps is jarring enough, but when she lets out the clutch and revs the song up (Backed by The Blossoms who are clearly enjoying themselves) you will be hard pressed to tear your eyes away.

Director: Trisha Wexler
Running Time: 30 Minutes

Cast:Shindig presents Groovy Gals
Fontella Bass - archive footage
Petula Clark - archive footage
Jackie DeShannon - archive footage
Aretha Franklin - archive footage
Lesley Gore - archive footage
Fanita James - Blossoms singer - archive footage
Jean King - Blossoms singer- archive footage
Ketty Lester - archive footage
Darlene Love - Blossoms singer - archive footage
Jimmy O'Neill - Host archive footage
Diana Ross - Supremes member - archive footage
Tina Turner - archive footage


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