Flagg Grove School

10 Nov. 2013
You want to send a message to Tina for her birthday? (26 Nov. 2013)
You can! The website of the Flagg Grove School is here.
And send your message to Sonia Outlaw-Clark here: soutlawclark@bellsouth.net
The messages will be delivered to Tina by her personal assistant Rhonda Graam.
So let's do it!

Tina Turner - Flagg Grove School

3 Oct. 2013
The moneymeter for the restoration of the Flagg Grove School is moving up.
The goal is 75.000 dollars by 1 Jan. 2013.
Here is what Sonia Outlaw-Clark, director of the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center, said about it:
"The ‘moneymometer’ is moving on up. Thank you to everyone who is contributing to make this happen. About $36,000 more to go by Jan. 1! Our goal is to have Flagg Grove School completed by next year’s Tina Turner Heritage Days"!

Here is the website where you can donate.


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