Interviews with Tina Turner

Armani Show - 2007

Your thoughts on the exhibition?

TT: Well I have quite a few things that are here (laughs), I think in my closet.
I could make something look like this. Yeah, I have many of his clothes.
I collect them. Some of them are so beautiful, that I don't wear them that often but it's just an inspiration to look at the beading and the work that went into it. So that was nice to see. The show this evening's
always just inspired me to really want to make sure that I stay in shape and that I look good. It's that kind of a motivation for me when I watch his shows. It really is.

That's an interesting comment in the context of the current skinny model debate.

TT: Well yes I think it is possible....but also I know, I've seen a few of the ones now where girls with heavy rumps are walkin' the rampway.

The heavy what?

TT: The heavy backsides. And that doesn't look so good. So I think it's difficult to really get the right size to please everybody. But it's not about the model anyhow, it's about the clothes.

I noticed in the Hollywood room, nestled amongst the long flowing Oscar columns and red carpet ballgowns, is one beaded microdress - with your name on it.

TT: (Laughs)

Have you only ever worn short dresses? It's been something of a signature hasn't it?

TT: Well yes I work, you know, my high energy working and I used to wear the (long) gowns and it was very glamorous but it just wasn't my style and I was falling about and tearing them and ripping them. And I just started to wear the short dresses and I stayed with it. It was comfortable, it worked for me and that was why.

Do you still wear them?

TT: Yeah, I'm looking to try to change but I haven't actually replaced it because usually when I do short shows, only 45minutes to an hour long, I wear boots, short dresses, because it's kind of expected. If I come out in a gown, everybody goes like, 'What happened here?'

What is the secret to your longevity?

TT: I think I did something right along the way obviously because it's a very young crowd that is still inspired by me and my work and what I've done. When I listen to my music it still really sounds really quite current, so it means when I was there doing the work I did it the best I could and I think I made the right choices.
And I think that is why I'm lasting as well as I am in this business.
Interviewer: Patty Huntington

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Tina Turner

Tina Turner

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