1990 - Look me in the heart 7 Inch Single

"Look Me In The Heart" is a single from Tina Turner's album "Foreign Affair".
The song was written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly.
The song is a storied love song. You sure could say it’s autobiographical.

Tina Turner didn’t perform this song often and it’s rare to hear it live. However she did perform this song in a French TV Show called Sacrée Soirée. She also has performed it live during the beginning of her Foreign Affair Farewell Tour, but not many times. She changed the setlist, and the song was taken out of it. Too bad!! We fans love this song!

"Look me in the heart" is a song about a woman and a man who get further apart from each other. The woman doesn’t accept this and tries to reach out and cries for love and understanding. Is there anybody who can do this better than The Queen? No, we don’t think so!



This single was released in certain countries and surprisingly reached number 8 at the US Adult Contemporary Chart. Who would have guessed that? We European fans did. There are many versions released in different formats. Single cassette, cd, 7" single, 12" single, limited editions, promo’s and remixes.

They’ve decided to make a videoclip of the song and it was nice to see a natural Tina. Wearing a purple suit and very sensual and spiritual movements and face expressions. We do love to see that from Tina.

The B-side of this song was a live recording of "Steel Claw". A song which was included on the "Private Dancer" album in 1984. It is a sociopolitical song, a critique against politicians in favour of common people.



Track Listing
"Look Me In The Heart"
Look me in the heart

Album: Foreign Affair - 1989

Last night, we tried to touch but we never got close
Last night, we tried to talk, the words got caught in our throats
When we finally fell asleep
We couldn't have been farther apart

Look me in the heart
If you think that love is blind
Baby, look me in the heart
And you'll see that I'm so crazy about you baby
And it's not in my mind
Can't you look me in the heart
Look me in the heart

You try, to say, that I'm hiding from you
You act, like a spy, always looking for clues
You've read about my past
But why don't we try to make a new start


Remember how good we used to be together
Remember baby, to be tender baby
Remember the love we said would last forever
I know we can make it like that again

- 3.42 min.
"Steel Claw"
Steel Claw

Album: Private Dancer (originally from Paul Brady) - 1984

A night in television wonderland
Just one more
Fairy tale about some rich bitch
Lying by the swimming pool
It's golden school
Living's easy when you make the rules

Last Friday was the first time
It took only about half a minute
On the stairway
It was child's play
The odds turn out even
When you give up believing in the...

Cold law, steel claw
Try to get on board you find the lock is on the door
Well I say 'No way
Don't try to keep me out or there'll be hell to pay'
I don't know who's right or who's wrong
But it doesn't really matter when you're lying in the gutter
It's a see-saw
A long hot battle with the cold law
Is what you get for messing with the steel claw

The politicians have forgotten this place
Except for a flying visit in a black Mercedes
No election time
They cross the line
And everybody runs to watch the pantomine
If they could see what's going on around here
So many people hanging on the edge
Crying out for revolution
The odds turn out even
When you give up believing in the...


Sometimes I think I'm going crazy
Sometimes I do a line
Makes me laugh
Makes me want to take a joyride
On the high tide
Sometimes I'm contemplating suicide
Meanwhile Eddy's on the West Coast
He's making out with some sweet senorita
Up in Frisco you and I know
The odds turn out even
When you give up believing...


- 4.41 min.

Released: 1990
Genre: Pop
Length: 3.42 min.
Label: Capitol
Writers: "Look Me In The Heart" – B. Steinberg and T. Kelly
"Steel Claw" – Paul Brady
Producers: Dan Hartman (Look Me In The Heart) and Terry Britten (Steel Claw)

Chart Positions
Canada Top Singles (RPM) – 28
Canada Adult Contemporary (RPM) – 28
Europe (European Hot 100 Singles) – 77
France (SNEP) – 44
Ireland (IRMA) – 23
UK Singles (Official Charts Company) – 31
US Adult Contemporary (Billboard) – 8

Year-end charts – 1990
Canada Adult Contemporary (RPM) - 96


Source: Wikipedia and Discogs

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