1989 - Look me in the heart - 7" Promo Single - France

"Look Me In The Heart" is a single from Tina Turner's album "Foreign Affair".
The song was written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly.
The song is a storied love song. You sure could say it’s autobiographical.

"Look me in the heart" is a song about a woman and a man who get further apart from each other. The woman doesn’t accept this and tries to reach out and cries for love and understanding. Is there anybody who can do this better than The Queen? No, we don’t think so!

Tina Turner didn’t perform this song often and it’s rare to hear it live. However she did perform this song in a French TV Show called Sacrée Soirée. She also has performed it live during the beginning of her "Foreign Affair Farewell Tour", but not many times.
She changed the setlist, and the song was taken out of it. Too bad!! We fans love this song!



They’ve decided to make a videoclip of the song and it was nice to see a natural Tina. Wearing a purple suit and very sensual and spiritual movements and face expressions. We do love to see that from Tina.



This very rare single sided 1 track French Promo 7" can be found at online auction sites or record fairs. The cover is different from the original released version and it’s a nice item to add to your personal Tina Collection.

Released: 1989
Genre: Pop
Length: 3.42 min.
Label: Capitol
Writers: "Look Me In The Heart" – B. Steinberg and T. Kelly
Producer: Dan Hartman
Catalogue Number: SP 1437


Source: Wikipedia and Discogs

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