1996 - On silent wings CD Single - CD Maxi Single

"On Silent Wings" is a single from Tina Turner's "Wildest Dreams" album.
The single was released at the 8th of June 1996. It has guest vocals from Sting.
"On Silent Wings" is about a love that has gone. The woman describes how good it was, but now their love has died and she didn't see it coming.
Tina performed the song many times, on concerts as well as on tv shows. Among them Jay Leno, Richard and Judy, Tonight Show etc.



There are several different versions of "On Silent Wings".
Here is the list:
-Album version – 6.12 min.
-Single edit – 4.22 min.
-Alternate version – 4.21min.

The CD Single has "Do Something" as B-Side. "Do Something" isn't on the "Wildest Dreams" album.
And the CD Maxi Single has also "Private Dancer" and "I Don't Wanna Lose You" on it.
"Do Something" is about a woman that is begging her man to give her what she want. She needs him to make love to her.



There are also several Remixes of "On Silent Wings".
Here are some of them:
-Soul Solution Club Mix – 8.32 min.
-Soul Solution Instrumental – 8.32 min.
-Soul Solution Percappella – 8.32 min.
-Soul Solution Radio Edit – 3.51min.

"On Silent Wings"
On silent wings

Album: Wildest Dreams - with Sting - 1996

There was a time when I would have followed you
To the end of the earth
I was willing to share it all with you
The love, the hurt
I've seen you when your dreams were falling in the dust
But I never stopped believing in you
I always thought our love was strong enough
One you could hold on to

You never see it coming
You just let it fly
On silent wings, silent wings
You can't hide what you you feel inside
And the fire has left your eyes
On silent wings

I see us in our dreams and we're dancing
I can almost hear the song
But the prayers, they go unanswered
But we both know, we're just hanging on
I feel ashamed, but I'll never know the reason why
The rug was pulled so gently from under my feet
I only know that something good has died
Between you and me, oh it's just a memory


You never see it coming
You just go separate ways
On silent wings, silent wings
There's no more promises to break
Or our love has slipped away
On silent wings
You never see it coming
But you know it has to end
On silent wings, silent wings
I will never be the same again
I feel the whisper of the wind
On silent wings

- 4.22 min.
"Do something"
Do something

Single: Missing You - USA - 1996

You don't give out, you don't give in
you never seem to be attracted to the sin
the sin of love, the sin of all above
I give you my advice, it can be nice
I know you can't solve the problems of the world
but you don't have to be a precious little toy
do something, do something

I'll wait a day, I'll wait a week
and I don't just wanna be dancing cheek to cheek
it's serious, this thing I need to do
win or lose, it's all up to you
I can't believe that you can let me go this far
it can't be natural to be the way you are
do something, do someting

I've got this weakness, I'm losing power
I need your sweetness right here and now yeah
deeper and deeper, hour after hour
I should be ruling but I'm not satisfied no, no

not satisfied, I'm not satisfied
when I'm alone, can't do it on the phone
won't let you go until I get just what I need
my heart is breaking oh baby, baby please
do something, do something baby baby okay
come on come on come on do something
get down on you knees and do something
oh baby, please, do something

- 3.21 min.

Released: 8 June 1996
Genre: Pop rock
Length: 4.22 min.
Label: Festival Records/ Parlophone
Writers: "On Silent Wings" - Tony Joe White and James Ralston
"Do Something" - Holly Knight and Mike Chapman
"Private Dancer" - Mark Knopfler
"I Don't Wanna Lose You" - Albert Hammond and Graham Lyle
Producers: Trevor Horn (On Silent Wings, Do Something and I Don't wanna lose You), John Carter (Private Dancer)



Chart Positions (1996-1997)
Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 40) - 30
Belgium (Ultratop 50 Flanders) - 36
Canada Adult Contemporary (RPM) - 13
Europe (European Hot 100 Singles) - 45
Germany (Official German Charts) - 55
Netherlands (Single Top 100) - 37
Scotland (Official Charts Company) - 10
UK Singles (Official Charts Company) - 13
US Adult Contemporary (Billboard) - 24
US Dance Club Songs (Billboard) - 47


Source: Wikipedia and Discogs

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