1986 - Overnight Sensation - 7" Promo Single

"Overnight Sensation" is a Spanish Promo single from Tina Turner's album "Break Every Rule". This song was written by Mark Knopfler.

Mark Knopfler was best known for the song "Private Dancer, which he contributed to Tina’s "Private Dancer" album. Mark got involved again on the "Break Every Rule" album. Knopfler contributed the up-tempo country rock song "Overnight Sensation".
The song is about a girl who has been around in the music for a long time. Working in small venues until she breakes out of the circuit and become a huge star. This song is autobiographical in comparison to Tina’s career. Tina started perform late 50’s, in a rhythm and soul revues and honky tonk dresses. She has been in these circuits for nearly 25 years before she made her biggest solo comeback and she became the overnight sensation. Tina was suddenly everywhere like on tv, papers, advertisements, windows and magazines.



Tina performed the song during her Break Every Rule World Tour 1987/1988. We don’t know if she actually ever performed the song in a tv show. Although the single wasn’t commercially released, she shot a video for it for a Mobil Company. Mostly they’ve used the live version of her Break Every Rule Concert Special of 1986 and this version became included on the "Tina Live In Europe" album.



"Overnight Sensation" was released as 7" promo single and 12" promo single. The single never charted because it wasn’t commercially released.

The B-side for the 7" single is also the plain album version of "Overnight Sensation". The B-side for the 12" promo was the live version of "Overnight Sensation" which was recorded in Camden Palace London 1986 and was included on the "Tina Live In Europe" album.

Track Listing
"Overnight Sensation"
Overnight Sensation

Album: Break every rule - 1986

Well, I guess I been a long time
Working in the back line
Trying to make a song fit
You know it never was mine
Two dollar high-heel and a honky tonk dress
In the rhythm and soul revues
I had a dream, I guess
Yes, yes

And I had to beat the stage fright
I had to cry all night
Tryin' to make a song fit
You know it never was right
I said, 'Girl, get up and get out of this mess
You're gonna be and overnight sensation
Be an overnight success'

And all through the badlands
Rockin' on the bandstands
It's so hard in the bar bands
When there's no one there who understands
And Lady Luck'll pass you by
And she'll never say, 'Yes
You're gonna be an overnight sensation
Gonna be an overnight success'

Well, I used to be a sweet little rock 'n' roll singer
Chasing after fortune and fame
What's your story? What's your payola?
Me, I'm in the music game

Well, I guess I've been a long time
Workin' in the backline
Tryin' to make a song fit
You know it never was mine
What can I tell you
I made a break I guess
Now I'm an overnight sensation
I'm an over overnight
I'm an over overnight success

- 4.36 min.
"Overnight Sensation" - 4.36 min.

Released: 1986
Genre: Pop, Rock, Country
Length: 4.36 min.
Label: Capitol
Writers: "Overnight Sensation" - M. Knopfler
"Overnight Sensation" – M. Knopfler
Producers: Mark Knopfler and Neil Dorfsman


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