1986 - Two People 7 Inch Single

"Two People" is a single from Tina Turner's album "Break Every Rule". This song was written by Terry Britten and Graham Lyle, and produced by Terry Britten. Two People became the 3rd single release for her "Break Every Rule" Album.

"Two People" is a song about a couple who has some issues in their relationship. Tina gives them advice, how they should go on and invest in their relationship. Tina shot 2 official videos for the song. The Regular version and the Hollywood version. In the Hollywood Version we see that Tina has been dressed up in different characters such as Cinderella, The Mob, an Indian and a captain.



Tina performed the song in many tv shows like Fantastico, Countdown, Tocata, Na Sowas and Peter´s Pop Show. Tina included the song also on her setlist and performed it live during her record breaking Break Every Rule World Tour.


The single was released in 7" single and 12" single in various editions. Regular 7" and 12" single. Limited 7" poster edition and double 12" remix edition.


B-side for the single was the rare track "Havin' A Party". The song was recorded in 1983 with Martyn Ware from Heaven 17 under the B.E.F construction. "Havin A Party" is a Sam Cooke song. Tina has always been a fan of Cooke and admired him. The song is about throwing a party. "Havin' A Party" has never been released on a Tina album and still remains a rare track.



There are also some Remixes. They are listed below.
Album version – 4.09 min.
Dance mix – 8.24 min.
Dub Mix – 7.00 min.
Tender Mix – 7.15 min.
Ben Liebrand Mix - 7.55 min.



Track Listing
"Two People"
Two People

Album: Break Every Rule - 1986

Two people living on the edge of life
Are people running out of dreams and time
I can hear it when you tell me so
I can feel it but I can't let go

Two people gotta stick together and love one another
Save it for a rainy day
Some people gotta stay whatever
Give one another shelter on a rainy day

Two people living in the way we do
Are people trying to keep a love anew
What to say to make some sense of it
What to do to make the feeling fit


I'll come running to your rescue
You gotta stand by me
There's a lot of love between us
We should never let go


- 4.11 min.
"Havin' A Party"
Havin' a party

Single: Two People) - 1986

We're Havin' A Party,
Everybody's swingin',
Dancin' to the music on the radio,
Champagne is in the icebox,
And the popcorn's on the table,
And me and my baby,
Are out here on the floor.

So listen Mister DJ,
Keep those records playin',
'Cause I'm a-havin' such a good time,
‘Cause I'm dancin' with my baby.

And everybody's swingin',
Jackie's doin' that "Twist" now,
If you'll take requests,
Then I've got a few for you,
Play that song called "Soul Twist"
And what about the one by that fellow I knew,
And don't forget "The Mashed Potato",
No other song will do.

Yeah listen, Mr. DJ,
Just keep those records playin',
'Cause I'm a-havin' such a good time,
Dancin' with my baby.

We're Havin' A Party,
Everybody's swingin',
Dancin' to the music,
On the radio.

Havin' A Party,
Everybody's swingin',
Dancin' to the music,
On the radio,
Well one more time.

We're Havin' A Party (Havin' A Party),
Everybody's swingin' (Everybody's swingin'),
Dancin' to the music(Dancin' to the music),
On the radio (On the radio)

Champagne's in the icebox (Havin' A Party),
Popcorn's on the table (Everybody's swingin'),
Me and my baby (Dancin' to the music),
Out here on the floor (On the radio),
Oh now everybody.

Everybody's swingin' (Everybody's swingin'),
Dancin' to the music (Dancin' to the music),
On the radio (On the radio).

We're Havin' A Party (Havin' A Party),
Everybody's swingin' (Everybody's swingin'),
Dancin' to the music (Dancin' to the music)
On the radio (On the radio).
He's got everything he needs
He's an artist, he don't look back

- 3.54 min.

Released: 1986
Genre: Pop, R&B
Length: 4.11 min.
Label: Capitol
Writers: "Two People" - T. Britten and G. Lyle
"Havin A Party"- S. Cooke
Producers: T. Britten (Two People) and M. Ware (Havin' A Party)

Chart Positions (1986–87)
Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 40) - 19
Belgium (Ultratop 50 Flanders) - 28
Canada Top Singles (RPM) - 53
Canada Adult Contemporary (RPM) - 9
Europe (European Hot 100 Singles) - 13
Germany (Official German Charts) - 10
Ireland (IRMA) - 23
Italy (Hit Parade Italia) - 10
Netherlands (Single Top 100) - 20
New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ) - 41
Switzerland (Schweizer Hitparade) - 10
UK Singles (Official Charts Company) - 43
US Billboard Hot 100 - 30
US Adult Contemporary (Billboard) - 12
US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs (Billboard) - 18


Source: Wikipedia and Discogs

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