1986 - Typical Male 7 Inch Single

"Typical Male" is a single from Tina Turner's album "Break Every Rule". This song was written by Terry Britten and Graham Lyle, and produced by Terry Britten.

"Typical Male" became the lead song and anthem for Tina’s new album "Break Every Rule". This track has everything you need. Passion, sex, power, rock, dance, funk and soul. Tina’s voice became bigger, stronger, with more power and soul. Her image became even bigger. The hair became bigger, dresses shorter and movements like even the goddess of seduction couldn’t make. Tina was back again and more hot than she even would have guessed. "Typical Male" is unusual for a pop song, in that the chorus includes a single measure in 2/4 time.

"Typical Male" is a song about a client who falls for her lawyer. Her lawyer is actually strict and is only interested in business. The client gives everything he or in this case she’s got and tries to get his attention in a naughty way. It sure brings the bad out in Tina as we see in the original promotion video for "Typical Male". Tina wears a red mini dress and is flirting with a lawyer. She plays games with him, such as Chess and Scrabble, in order to get his attention. Throughout the video, Tina is hugging and leaning against a statue of the lawyer's leg. At one point in the video, she and the lawyer are sitting on a gigantic telephone headpiece, and she jumps up and down on one end of the phone sending the lawyer high into the air. At the end of the video, Tina and the lawyer are seen walking together holding hands



Tina performed the song all over the world in many tv and award shows like Tocata , Peter’s Pop Show, MTV Awards, Countdown and Fantastico! Tina also performed it live during her Break Every Rule Tour, Foreign Affair Farewell Tour, What’s Love Live Tour and Tina! The 50th Anniversary Tour. After her record breaking show in Rio De Janeiro in 1988 where she performed the song with a lot of samba/carnival dancers, Tina decided to keep that interlude in the live performance of the song to have some dancing fun on stage. Although "Typical Male" became an anthem and lead single for her new album "Break Every Rule", she didn’t include the song on her live special from 1986 in Camden Palace London. The original clip also wasn’t included on her Video Compilation vhs or dvd Simply The Best The Video Collection. They’ve used the live performance from her concert in Barcelona 1990.



"Typical Male" was released in different formats. 7" single, 12" single, 12" picture disc.

The B-side was "Don’t Turn Around", a powerfull rock balad which could have been a huge hit for Tina. The song was covered by Ashwad, Bonnie Tyler and Ace Of Base. "Don’t Turn Around" is a love song about a man leaving a woman. The woman knows it’s for the best, but she sure is hurt by it. The song never made it to the album and was included later on Tina’s compilation album "The Collected Recordings" in 1994.



There were also some Remixes that are listed below.
Album version – 4:18
12" Dance Mix – 7:06
12" Dub Mix – 6:18
Ultimix – 6:40
Ben Liebrands The Electric Fine Typical Malebox Minimix – 7:04
Betterman Remix - 5.01 min



Track Listing
"Typical Male"
Typical Male

Album: Break Eevery Rule - 1986

Tell me lawyer what to do
I think I'm falling in love with you
Defend me, from the way I feel
Won't you give me some advice
On how to handle my private life
I'm sure that we can make a deal
I confess I'm a fool for men with a clever mind
But your intellect ain't no match
For this heart of mine

All I want is a little reaction
Just enough to tip the scales
I'm just using my female attraction
On a typical male, on a typical male

Your sense of justice I'll embrace
But your defense don't help my case
I'm deep in trouble with the law
Something about authority
Seems to bring out the bad in me
Hey lawyer, gotta catch me when I fall
Oh they say that you match your wits with the best of them
But I know when I'm close you're just like the rest of them


So put your books aside
Loosen off the suit and tie
Open up your heart and let me in
Open up your heart and let me in


- 4.18 min.
"Don't Turn Around"
Don't turn around

Single: Typical ale - 1986

If you wanna leave I won't beg you to stay
and if you gotta go darling maybe it's better that way
I'm gonna be strong, I'm gonna be fine
don't worry about this heart of mine
just walk out that door, see if I care
go on and go now butdon't turn around
cause you're gonna see my heart breaking

Don't turn around
I don't want you seeing me cry
just walk away
it's tearing me apart that you're leaving
I'm letting you go
but I won't let you knowI won't miss your arms around me holding me tight
if you ever think about me just know that I'll be alright
I'm gonna be strong, I'm gonna be fine
don't worry about this heart of mine
I know I'll survive, sure I'll make it through
and I'll even learn to live without you

Don't turn around
cause you're gonna see my heart breaking
don't turn around
I don't want you seeing me cry
just walk away
it's tearing me apart that you're leaving
I'm letting you goI wish I could scream out loud that I love you
I wish I could say to you don't go, don't go, don't go

Don't turn around
cause you're gonna see my heart breaking
don't turn around
I don't want you seeing me cry
just walk away
it's tearing me apart that you're leaving
I'm letting you go

- 4.16 min.

Released: 1986
Genre: Pop Rock , Funk Rock , Dance
Length: 4.18 min.
Label: Capitol
Writers: "Typical Male" - T. Britten and G. Lyle
"Don’t Turn Around"- A. Hammond and D. Warren
Producer: Terry Britten (Typical Male) and Bob Clearmountain and Bryan Adams (Don't Turn Around)

Chart Positions (1986)
Australia (Kent Music Report) - 20
Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 40) - 6
Belgium (Ultratop 50 Flanders) - 17
Canada Adult Contemporary (RPM) - 12
Canada Top Singles (RPM) - 11
Europe (European Hot 100 Singles) - 5
Finland (Suomen virallinen lista) - 1
France (SNEP) - 31
Germany (Official German Charts) - 3
Ireland (IRMA) - 12
Italy (Hit Parade Italia) - 8
Netherlands (Dutch Top 40) - 8
New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ) - 8
Norway (VG-lista) - 2
Spain (PROMUSICAE) - 1
Sweden (Sverigetopplistan) - 6
Switzerland (Schweizer Hitparade) - 2
UK Singles (Official Charts Company) - 33
US Adult Contemporary (Billboard) - 23
US Billboard Hot 100 - 2
US Dance Club Songs (Billboard) - 11
US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs (Billboard) - 3


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