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1965 - The Ike and Tina Turner Show
The sound is superb and the performance of the band spot-on and Tina Turner is in exceptionally good voice, and the range of material -- from R&B standards like "Hi Heel Sneakers" (done here as "Tight Pants") to country-pop songs such as "I Can't Stop Loving You" -- is not only astounding, but a brilliant showcase for the duo and their band; they even bring a subtle soulfulness amid the broader, more shouting pieces, to Sam Cooke's "Good Times" and the virtual Tina Turner solo piece "All I Can Do Is Cry."

Director: Steve Binder

1965 - The Ike and Tina Turner Show

There is also a VHS from a concert at the Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas, USA - 1971.

1965 - The Ike and Tina Turner Show1965 - The Ike and Tina Turner Show

CD’s released in 2000 by Loma Records - Soundtrack:
The CD reissue is so clean that it captures all of those nuances -- but when the sax solo and the chorus come up on "Early in the Morning," it also sounds like your ear is down the bell of the instrument and the rest of you is lying in the lap of the Ikettes. The sound varies radically between some songs, as though the microphone setups were very different between the two concert venues used as sources for this release, and there's no attempt at making this seem like a complete show from one source, the silence between the songs breaking up the ambience.

Disc: 1
1. Finger Poppin
2. Down in the Valley
3. Good Times
4. You Are My Sunshine
5. Having A Good Time
6. Twist and Shout
7. Something's Got a Hold on Me
8. I Know
9. Tight Pants
10. My Man, He's A Lovin' Man

Disc: 2
1. Shake a Tail Feather
2. You Must Believe Me
3. Ooh Poo Pah Doo
4. Early in the Morning
5. All I Could Do Was Cry
6. Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You
7. Keep on Pushin'
8. It's All Over
9. You're No Good
10. A Fool for You

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1965 - The Ike and Tina Turner Show


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