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Olivia Newton John Hollywood Nights – 1980

This show was the last Special shown on ABC's Oscar Night before the Barbara Walters Interview Specials took over the spot for good in 1980.
Virtually all of the music is sang live, so even the most familiar big hits are markedly different on this one.  The performances are uniformly excellent and include: Olivia and Andy Gibb singing live on stage at an Ice Skating Rink. It is cold there because you can see their breath when they exhale. To promote "Xanadu", Olivia teams up with legendary Gene Kelly for a song and dance number and then is joined by Cliff Richards for a breathtaking live version of "Suddenly" on a sound stage. She also is part of a one-time only female singer super group the "Heartaches" that includes Tina Turner and Toni Tennille (They sing the Eagles "Heartache Tonight", hence their name). But the absolute highlight of the show features Elton John at the piano with a solo performance of his beautiful "Little Jeannie" before Olivia joins him to sing the vocal on his "Candle in the Wind" as he plays piano.

Together with Olivia Newton John, Peaches, Karen Carpenter and Toni Tennille Tina Turner sings "Heartache Tonight".


1980 - Olivia Newton-John: Hollywood Nights

Director: Jeff Margolis
Produced by
Lee Kramer     
Al Lowenstein  
Alan Thicke     
Running Time: 60 Minutes

Olivia Newton-John

Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Karen Carpenter          
Dick Clark       
Chantal Contouri         
Andy Gibb       
Elton John       
Gene Kelly      
Ted Knight      
Cliff Richard    
Toni Tennille   
Tina Turner     
Matt Lattanzi   


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