1999 - When the heartache is over CD Single - CD Maxi Single

"When The Heartache Is Over" is a single from Tina Turner's album "Twenty Four Seven". The song was written by Graham Stack and John Reid. The CD Single was released at the 6th of September 1999.

After Tina recorded the "Wildest Dreams" album, she wanted to do something new and up to date. She still had to release a new album according to her record label Parlophone. Roger knew a way to keep Tina in the spotlights. There was a dance thing going on. He followed statistics and songs, which were huge hits the past couple of years and received a lot of attention and air-play. Tina’s long time friend Cher had a huge success with her single "Believe" and that was just what Tina needed. Roger contacted the producers of "Believe" which were Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling (Metro Team)and asked them if they could do the same thing for Tina.

Tina was very excited about this new thing and started right away. However it didn’t go smooth for Tina. After receiving the song, Tina got upset about the lyrics. The lyrics were chasing her because it was too realistic for her according to Tina’s past. Tina got nightmares and even wanted to drop this song. Tina tried to figure this song out for herself and gave it a positive twist. Another way of thinking, she would say. And She did. It became a song for her about surviving and standing strong. The song is about a woman who goes on after a hard relationship.

"When The Heartache Is Over" was the first dance song for Tina which was completely electronically remixed. The song was ready for release after shooting a video of a stunning Tina singing and dancing on a Giant T with lots of dancers surrounding her. Although the song received much attention, had a tight promotional schedule, it was considered a (small) hit and became the lead single for Tina’s "Twenty Four Seven" album.



Tina performed the song many times in tv-shows and even played it at the Superbowl. She also sang it live in a some tv-shows and during her 24/7 Tour. It wasn’t easy for Tina because of the different vocal ranges in the song. She had to make this song her own and played a lot with it until she was satisfied to sing it live during her shows.



The B-Side is "On Silent Wings" (Live in Amsterdam).
"When The Heartache Is Over" was released in multiple formats. 12" single, 12" doublepack singles, various cd maxi singles. This song has been remixed by lot’s of famous DJ’s including The Metro Team themselves, Hex Hector and 7th District Inc. Here’s a list of all the versions including the CD Singles.

CD Single - Europe
"When the Heartache Is Over" (Album Version) – 3.45 min.
"On Silent Wings" (Live in Amsterdam) – 5.25 min.
CD Maxi Single - Europe
"When the Heartache Is Over" (Album Version) – 3.45 min.
"I Can't Stand the Rain" (Live in Amsterdam) – 3.33 min.
"On Silent Wings" (Live in Amsterdam) – 5.25 min.
CD Maxi Single/ 12" Single - Europe
"When the Heartache Is Over" (Album Version) – 3.45 min.
"When the Heartache Is Over" (Metro Mix) – 5.44 min.
"When the Heartache Is Over" (7th District Club Mix) – 5.10 min.



"When The Heartache Is Over"
When the heartache is over

Single: When the heartache is over - 1999

Once in a lifetime you find
Someone to show you the way
Someone to make your decisions
And I let you lead me astray

Who did you think you were fooling
Said you were missing me blind
But the truth is I knew you were lying
You were using me time after time

When the heartache is over
I know I won't be missing you (Missing you)
Won't look over my shoulder
'Cause I know that I can live without you
Oh live without you
Oh I can live without you

Time to move on with my life now
Leaving the past all behind
I can make my own decisions
It was only a matter of time
Sometimes I look back in anger
Thinking about all the pain
But I know that I'm stronger without you
And that I'll never need you again


- 3.45 min.
"On Silent Wings"
On silent wings

Album: Wildest Dreams - with Sting - 1996

There was a time when I would have followed you
To the end of the earth
I was willing to share it all with you
The love, the hurt
I've seen you when your dreams were falling in the dust
But I never stopped believing in you
I always thought our love was strong enough
One you could hold on to

You never see it coming
You just let it fly
On silent wings, silent wings
You can't hide what you you feel inside
And the fire has left your eyes
On silent wings

I see us in our dreams and we're dancing
I can almost hear the song
But the prayers, they go unanswered
But we both know, we're just hanging on
I feel ashamed, but I'll never know the reason why
The rug was pulled so gently from under my feet
I only know that something good has died
Between you and me, oh it's just a memory


You never see it coming
You just go separate ways
On silent wings, silent wings
There's no more promises to break
Or our love has slipped away
On silent wings
You never see it coming
But you know it has to end
On silent wings, silent wings
I will never be the same again
I feel the whisper of the wind
On silent wings

- 5.25 min.

Released: 1999
Genre: Pop, Dance
Length: 3.45 min.
Label: Parlophone
Writers: "When The Heartache Is Over" - G. Stack and J. Reid
"On Silent Wings" (Live in Amsterdam ’96) - T.J. White and J. Ralston
Producers: Brian Rawling and Mark Taylor

Chart Positions (1999–2000)
Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 40) - 22
Belgium (Ultratop 50 Flanders) - 17
Belgium (Ultratop 50 Wallonia) - 33
Canada Top Singles (RPM) - 27
Canada Adult Contemporary (RPM) - 3
Europe (European Hot 100 Singles) - 16
Finland (Suomen virallinen lista) - 3
France (SNEP) - 49
Germany (Official German Charts) - 23
Italy (Hit Parade Italia) - 24
Netherlands (Dutch Top 40) - 18
Scotland (Official Charts Company) - 12
Spain (PROMUSICAE) - 11
Sweden (Sverigetopplistan) - 16
Switzerland (Schweizer Hitparade) - 17
UK Singles (Official Charts Company) - 10
US Adult Contemporary (Billboard) - 23
US Adult Top 40 (Billboard) - 40
US Dance Club Songs (Billboard) - 3


Source: Wikipedia and Discogs

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